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How to Treat for Outdoor Fleas

By DoMyOwn staff

Exterior Flea Control
Fleas are most often an indoor problem, but outdoor infestation on the property surrounding your home may also become a problem. Outdoor flea populations are usually caused by flea-ridden pets or other animals that live nearby.

For Exterior Flea Control:

1) Before beginning a flea control program, make sure the area to be treated is mowed and free of any debris such as leaves, rocks, or woodpiles.

2) Apply Talstar PL Granules either as a 5 to 10 foot perimeter barrier around your home, or as a general broadcast over the entire lawn and landscape. This job is faster and easier using a hand spreader. Application rate is approx. 2.3 to 4.6 pounds per 1,000 sq ft. (Bifen Granules have the exact same label and may also be used.)

3) Repeat every other month while fleas are still present.


Talstar PL Granules
Talstar Granules (PL) protect your lawn for 2-3 months against a broad range of pests. The EZ and PL are the same product. PL Granules are smaller. 25 lb. bag.

Control of Fleas on Pets
Pets must be treated also to stop reinfestation of the premises. This factor is critical in long-term relief. Treatments of pets should be completed the same day the home is treated.

Indoor Flea Control
If you believe that the outdoor flea problem has moved indoors as well, see our indoor flea control page. 

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