Food Plot Seed

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Deer Corn
5 out of 5 stars (1)
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Deer corn is a healthy and attractive food source for deer.

Pennington Rackmaster Durana White Clover
Multiple sizes available
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Makes an excellent pur stand or combination planting for any food plot to feed, attract and hold game.

Pennington Rackmaster Trophy Radish
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Over 25% protein. Improve soil tilth and fertility. High yielding and highly preferred by deer. Deer readily eat top growth.

Pennington Rackmaster Elite Deer Mixture
3.5 out of 5 stars (2)
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A unique food plot seed mixture developed to attract whitetail deer, produce high yields and be a true perennial that can last for years without replanting

Pennington Rackmaster Deer Greens
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Can be established by conventional or no-till methods. Highly preferred by deer during winter months.

Pennington Rackmaster Clover Trio
Multiple sizes available
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Blend of annual and perennial clovers.

Tecomate - Chicory
Multiple sizes available
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The wildlife super food - forb that deer craves - great for use in all food plots in every zone

Evolved Harvest - Throw And Gro No Till Forage
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Plant seeds can be plotted in areas without need of discing - areas that can't have use of heavy equipment

Imperial 'No Plow' Blend
4 out of 5 stars (2)
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Annual clover blend with high protein

Evolved Harvest Throw & Gro Radish X-Treme - No Till
Multiple sizes available
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Benefits and ease of the original Throw and Gro plus radishes

Mossy Oak BioLogic Full Draw
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High quality, long lasting forage with fast germination

Mossy Oak BioLogic Alfalfa Additive
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Favorite food for whitetail deer - high protein - great for early and late season

Pennington Rackmaster Refuge Mixture
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Makes an excellent stand-alone plot or works well mixed with small grains

Imperial Whitetail Clover
Multiple sizes available
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30-35% protein, can last 3-5 years on a single planting

Pennington Patriot White Clover
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A cool season perennial legume that is best utilized to enriched grass pasture.

Imperial Whitetail Secret Spot
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Multiple variety blend designed for small areas

Pennington Deer & Wildlife Seed Mixture
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Pennington Deer & Wildlife Seed Mixture is economical traditional wildlife mix.

Pennington Rackmaster Chickory
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Extremely drought and heat tolerant. High in minerals. Over 90% digestible. Over 30% protein

Pennington Rackmaster Trophy Radish Plus
Multiple sizes available
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Perennial cool season legume blend that is is perfect for creating a food plot for deer.

Pennington Rackmaster Feeding Frenzy
Out of Stock
A great mix seed that is formulated to their percentage to give the full nutrition that the deer need.

Pennington Rackmaster Deluxe Fall Mixture
Out of Stock
Great for attracting deer and other wildlife

Tecomate Max-Attractant 50/50 Mix
Out of Stock
Fall and winter attraction with spring nutrition - 50/50 mix

Pennington Rackmaster Deluxe Spring/Summer Mix 50 lb
Out of Stock
A perfect combination of soybeans, iron clay cowpeas, sunflower and sorghum for an ideal spring planted food source

Tecomate Monster Mix
Out of Stock
Grows and attracts monster bucks


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