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Pro-Control Plus Total Release

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    Mixed results

    By Michael on 07/30/2012

    I set this sucker off in the garden shed of our house, which had been overrun by a variety of spiders. After use, at first glance it appears that the bug bomb worked pretty well. I couldnt see spiders in every nook and cranny anymore, and a few big black widows were lying curled up on the floor. However, when I returned the next day, I noticed some new spider webs attached to the paint tin I had put in the middle of the shed atop of which I had set the bug bomb for discharge. One of the black widows had also managed to flip himself over, so it looks like this device only really succeeded in stunning or paralyzing the tougher spiders, although it did really well on the more standard daddy long legs types.

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    Wrong Product for my needs

    By Gail on 07/29/2014

    It may be that Pro Control Plus is a great product. However, until I opened the case and read the inside label (thank goodness I did), I certainly did not realize how toxic this product is. I have 2 dogs and had to cover EVERYTHING in the event that they walked on the rug and then licked their paws! Can't use in the basement because of the oil burner. Now that I've used one can - its not returnable.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Dear Ms. Natoli, If you have only used one can of the Pro Control Plus Total Release Foggers that you have purchased, you may return the remaining unused product. Please contact us by email at or by telephone at 866-581-7378 M-F 9a-5p EST for assistance with your return.

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    general control

    By Brent on 09/26/2016

    Pro control did a god general job of killing water bugs, flying bugs, but it could not down a roach problem left by renters. Just a good general bug killer.

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    Bad buttons

    By David on 07/28/2019

    Although the product works as advertised the release buttons on some of the cans did not latch down properly. Some of the buttons had to be held down in order to release product. This is not the way to use the fogger.

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