Rodent Terminator

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Rodent Terminator
Rodent Terminator
Rodent Terminator

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4 out of 5 stars Rating: 3.8

18 Reviews | 3 Q&A

Product Overview

The Rodent Terminator is the best bait system on the market and comes from Australia. It is safe and easy to use. Just use any type of bait - grain, pet kibble, rat and mouse bait and leave it inside the bait system. The rat and mouse will go inside and with one zap it will stop their heartbeat immediately. It will continue zapping for 90 seconds to ensure death. Simply dump them out from the end - there's no need to touch it at all! Rats and mice remain in their normal state - no worries about their bodies bleeding or having bad odors!

The Rodent Terminator has simple, easy to hide color so it will blend in discretly in your house and go un noticed. There are no wires or electronics that are exposed in the bait system that the rat or mouse could mess with and disable the trap. There are 3 lights that will light up to show which stage the system is at. Green lets you know that the system is armed, red and yellow lets you know that there is a dirty kill plate, and red shows you that batteries are low during arming and when it blinks, it has just killed a rodent. It is a two piece design that when taken apart, it does not work, so cleaning, change of batteries, and adding bait can be done. Once the upper and lower half are put together, then the electric shock will be turned on. It uses batteries and will last around 30 kills and has a long standby time of 6 months. It is weather proof to be used inside and outside of the house. Great product to use!

* Use with the Wireless Accessory Receiver to be alerted when a rodent has been caught and zapped! Buy the combo pack here to save money.

Features and Specs

Target pests Rats, chipmunks, mice, squirrels, mongoose
For use in Use indoors or out
Application Place bait in built in bait cup
Pet safe Safe for kids and pets when used according to label and instruction manual - Please read before using.
Voltage 6V from 4 D cell alkaline batteries
Color Beige
Material / Construction Automotive grade plastic
Special Features Two piece housing. Discrete coloration. No exterior markings. Children safe. Remote monitoring ready.
Time to Kill Instantly stops heart of rodent, they die of cardiac arrest
Warranty 1year
Shipping Weight 2.20 lbs
Manufacturer JOAKR Pty. Ltd (Mfg. Number: 50-5680)
UPC 793573913432
EPA Registration 089150-CHN-001


Can I put my Rodent Terminator outside?

Absolutely! The Rodent Terminator has a weather resistent housing with all of the electronics protected inside. It can get directly rained on and sit in about 1/4" of water and still work fine. If the weather is going to get too crazy then you might consider bringing the Rodent Terminator inside. Chances are the rodents won't be out in that kind of weather anyway!

How does the Rodent Terminator kill a rodent?

The Rodent Terminator uses a high voltage electric shock to instantly freeze the muscles of the rodent and simultaneously give the critter a heart attack. We have spent thousands of hours to perfect our electronics design to deliver the fastest and most humane results. The rodent is dispatched so quickly, it doesn't even know what hit it. No blood, no gore, no torture.

How safe are children around the Rodent Terminator?

The Rodent Terminator is NOT A TOY! Children should be warned not to put their hands inside the Rodent Terminator at any time. They could get a very painful - but non-lethal - electric shock. The good news is that they would probably only make the mistake once and then never touch the Rodent Terminator again.

What about my pets?

The Rodent Terminator is designed to deliver a lethal shock to any animal small enough to go completely inside the trap. Almost any dog or cat is safe, but your pet hamster won't come out alive. Please use sensible precautions when placing the trap. Try to imagine what animals might inadvertently go inside the trap or be attracted to the bait.

What about Grandpa?

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: The high voltage used by the Rodent Terminator during a kill cycle might disrupt the normal function of a pacemaker. DO NOT allow anyone with a pacemaker to use the Rodent Terminator.

How long will the Rodent Terminator's batteries last?

With a new set of batteries, the Rodent Terminator will remain on standby for at least 60 days and/or make about 20+ kills. Each time it makes a kill, it uses a portion of that standby energy, so the actual life of the batteries is variable. The Rodent Terminator will let you know when you need to replace the batteries. All in all, it will come down to pennies per rodent and simple maintenance.

IMPORTANT: Please read instruction manual before use.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    This really works!

    By Alison on 06/24/2014

    Verified Purchase

    Being overrun with chipmunks and a few mice this year. They were skeptical at first, but once a couple ventured in more followed without hesitation. Kills both chipmunks and mice with no mess. Ordered two and may get more!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    It Works!!!

    By Happier on 01/17/2016

    Received product quickly within noted time frame. Very easy assembly. Had several skeptics hint it would not work..well it DOES! My first "victim" was an innocent mouse, I was really after a very clever red squirrel who'd gnawed through foundation vent and taken up residence in crawl space. No matter how many blockades were devised, it kept reentering. After sliding the trap apart (very easy), removing the mouse and resetting so exit would have to occur via the trap, 48 hrs later I had the the ad says...quick, humane, no mess. And even in the recent low Michigan temps, the batteries keep going, more good news. The alternative to live trap and await someone to come and relocate or eliminate critter seemed cruel compared to a few final seconds, plus no one else is bothered. I definitely recommend this product!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Best trap ever!

    By Jason on 05/13/2015

    Verified Purchase

    I had rats under my deck in my back yard. I have had this trap out for 2 weeks, and have caught 10 rats! It works great, and clean up is simple.

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    10 of 10 people found this review helpful

  • 1 of 5 Stars

    Rodent Terminator

    By John on 03/01/2015

    Probably should have returned. Really cheap plastic construction with small tabs that separate the 2 pieces. I've already broken one of of them( probably my fault for not reading the instructions). Funny on the box it states about the rugged construction required for use in Australia. I guess kangaroo's don't like plastic. I only placed it a month ago.So far no results.

    Expert ResponseExpert response:
    If you are having difficulty trapping rodents, consider changing the placement of your traps and/or the bait you are using. You want to place traps against walls, right in the pathways where rodents travel. Also be sure to eliminate any competing food sources. Rats are neophobic, so it will take them time to get used to new items in their environment. We are also happy to assist you by phone at 866-581-7378 M-F 9a-5p EST.

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  • 1 of 5 Stars


    By Jennifer on 09/01/2016

    i only got 4 dead rats before i had to replace the batteries.

    Expert ResponseExpert response:
    We do see that you had the product for over 90 days and when you called in with this concern we replaced the product for you at that time. If you are now experiencing issues, please be sure to contact the manufacturer for a warranty claim. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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    8 of 9 people found this review helpful

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Questions & Answers

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Is the Rodent Terminator really large enough for tree/gray squirrels?

The description lists it can be used for tree or gray squirrels.


The description for the Rodent Terminator lists that it can be used for rats, chipmunks, mice, squirrels, mongoose.  It does specify species but would be best for smaller squirrels than any larger ones.

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Will the Rodent Terminator kill more than one without being emptied and reset?
The Rodent Terminator will need to be emptied after each kill.  Simply dump them out from the end when the light turns yellow or red which indicates a dirty plate.

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What does a flashing light on the Rodent Terminator mean?

If the red indicator lights on the Rodent Terminator are blinking the trap is signaling that a rodent has been trapped. 

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Rodent Terminator 4 out of 5 stars Rating: 3.8 (18 Reviews / 3 Q&A)

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