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SePRO Sonar RTU Aquatic Weed Herbicide
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A ready-to-use aquatic herbicide with fluridone that is quickly absorbed by weeds such as duckweed in ponds.

SePRO Akari 5SC Miticide Insecticide
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A professional miticide insecticide for spider mites & whiteflies on ornamentals, vegetables, fruit trees, vines, and Christmas trees.

K-Tea Aquatic Algaecide
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A professional algaecide for the use in slow moving or quiescent bodies of water as in golf course ponds.

Edgeless Turf Grass Regulator
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A professional liquid turf growth regulator that controls growth and reduces trimming requirements of perennial turf-grass.

SePRO Camelot O
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A professional fungicide bactericide for growers that provides multiple ways in protecting vegetables in greenhouses and herb crops.

SePRO Pipron Liquid Concentrate Fungicide
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A professional fungicide that controls against powdery mildew-causing fungi on ornamentals in commercial greenhouses.

Sonar Aquatic Herbicide
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A professional aquatic herbicide that is a selective systematic herbicide for the management of aquatic vegetation