Gowan Sonalan HFP Herbicide

Gowan Sonalan HFP Herbicide
Gowan Sonalan HFP Herbicide

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Product Overview

Sonalan HFP Herbicide is specially formulated to control various annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. Contains Ethalfluralin as its active ingredient which effectively eliminates germinating weeds. It offers extended control of certain weeds, allowing the crops to get off to the best start. The Gowan Sonalan HFP offers excellent long residual control plus it is proven to be highly effective and powerful. It controls unwanted grasses and broadleaf weeds such as annual bluegrass, foxtail, wild oats, panicum, pigweed, thistle, Henbit, Kochia, Panicum, and johnsongrass. May be applied in crops including milkweed, sunflower, jojoba, flaxweed, tea oil plant, peanuts, Vernonia, soybeans, sesame, dry beans, castor oil plant, and gold of pleasure. Applying the herbicide during the development of the crop reduces the competition of weeds and slows down the development of resistance against the herbicide. Available in a 2.5-gallon jug.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Ethalfluralin - 35.4%
Target pests Annual bluegrass, foxtail, crabgrass, wild oat, johnsongrass, panicum, sandbur, carpetweed, Kochia, henbit, pigweed, Pusley, buckwheat, chickweed, Signalgrass, witch grass, Thistle, rock purslane, nightshade, groundcherry.
For use in Borage, calendula, castor oil plant, Chinese tallow tree, Crambe, Cuphea, dry beans, dry peas, echium, euphorbia, evening primrose, flax seed, gold of pleasure, hare’s ear mustard, jojoba, Lesquerella, Lunaria, meadowfoam, milkweed, mustard seed, and mor
Application Apply Sonalan HFP in at least 5 gallons of water or liquid fertilizer per acre (broadcast basis). Use any properly calibrated, low-pressure herbicide sprayer that will apply the spray uniformly.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Formulation Liquid Emulsifiable Concentrate Formula.
Dimensions 7 x 4.5 x 10.12
Special Features Delivers long residual control of a broad range of grassy and broadleaf weeds.
Shipping Weight 23.00 lbs
Manufacturer Gowan
EPA Registration 10163-356




If replanting is required, replant only crops listed on this label.

Sugar Beets or Red Beets

Do not plant sugar beets or red beets within 13 months following an application of 3 pints of Sonalan HFP or more per acre. Where less than 3 pints of Sonalan HFP per acre have been applied, sugar beets or red beets may be planted no earlier than 8 months after an application and then only if the soil treated with Sonalan HFP is moldboard plowed to a depth of at least 12 inches prior to planting.

Spinach or Oats

In California and Arizona, do not plant spinach or oats within 8 months following an application of 3 pints of Sonalan HFP or more per acre.

Small-Seeded Grasses (Bluegrass, Ryegrass, etc.)

Do not plant small-seeded grasses in the fall following a spring application of Sonalan HFP. Perennial grass crops or grass mixtures should not be planted for 12 months after application of Sonalan HFP to avoid the possibility of crop injury. If the land has not been irrigated, these crops should not be planted for 18 months after a spring application of Sonalan HFP. Moldboard plowing to a depth of 12 inches before planting these crops will reduce the possibility of crop injury

Special Rotational Crop Restrictions for the States of Montana and Wyoming

Plant only rapeseed (canola), safflower or sunflower as rotational crops in the crop year following the crop treated with 3 pints of Sonalan HFP per acre. In addition to rapeseed (canola), safflower or sunflower, spring-seeded barley grown under irrigated conditions can be planted in the crop year following the crop treated with a 2 pint of Sonalan HFP rate per acre. If one of these specified crops is not planted, the land should be left idle or fallow for the entire year following the crop treated with Sonalan HFP.


Sonalan HFP - Alone

Start with a clean spray tank. Fill sprayer one-third (1/3) to one-half (1/2) full with clean water or liquid fertilizer. Start agitation. Add correct quantity of Sonalan HFP, continue agitation and finish filling the tank.

Sonalan HFP - Tank Mix

Vigorous continuous agitation is required for all tank mixes. Sparger pipe agitators generally provide the best agitation in spray tanks.

Mixing Order: Fill the tank one-fourth (1/4) to one-third (1/3) full with clean water or liquid fertilizer. (See Application Directions for additional liquid fertilizer mixing instructions.) Start the agitation. Add different formulation types to the spray tank in the following order: dry flowable (DF), wettable powders (WP), aqueous suspensions (AS), flowable (F), or liquids (L). Allow each product type to completely disperse before adding another. Allow additional mixing and dispersion time when using dry flowable (DF) products. Continue agitation and fill the tank to three-fourths (3/4) full, add the Sonalan HFP or other emulsifiable concentrates (EC) and mix thoroughly. Then add any solution (S) formulations, agitate and finish filling. Maintain agitation during filling and through the application. If spraying and agitation must be stopped before the tank is empty, the materials may settle to the bottom. In this case, it is important to resuspend all of the material at the bottom of the tank before continuing the spray application. A sparger agitator is particularly useful for this purpose. Sometimes it is more difficult to resuspend settled material than it is to suspend it originally.

Carefully follow all mixing instructions for each material added to the tank. Initial dispersion of dry or flowable formulations can be improved by mixing with a small amount of water (slurrying) and pouring the slurry through a 20 or 35 mesh wetting screen in the top of the spray tank. Line screens in the tank should be no finer than 50 mesh (100 mesh is finer than 50 mesh).

If a build-up of material on the walls of the spray tank is observed, wash the tank with soapy water between fillings. Rinse and continue the spraying operation. Clean the tank, lines, and screens thoroughly after use. Check the sprayer daily to ensure proper calibration and uniform application. Do not apply Sonalan HFP under wind conditions which may cause spray drift to nontarget areas or non-uniform application.


Spring Application

Apply and incorporate Sonalan HFP any time after January 1 when soil can be worked and is in a condition which allows thorough mixing to ensure uniform incorporation.

Fall Application

When applied with dry bulk fertilizer, Sonalan HFP may be applied and incorporated in the fall prior to a spring planting of dry beans or sunflowers. Apply Sonalan HFP with dry bulk fertilizer anytime between October 1 and December 31 at the specified rates for crops and soil textures listed in the Crop-Specific Use Directions section of this label. Fall application of Sonalan HFP is not recommended on fields which remain wet or are subject to periods of flooding.


Sonalan HFP applied pre-plant soil incorporated will control the following weeds:


  • annual bluegrass
  • barnyard grass
  • crabgrass
  • cup grass, woolly
  • foxtail
  • johnsongrass
  • jungle rice
  • wild oat
  • panicum
  • ryegrass, Italian
  • sandbur, field
  • signal grass, broadleaf
  • volunteer sorghum


  • buckwheat, wild
  • carpetweed
  • catchfly, conical
  • chickweed, common
  • fiddleneck tarweed
  • groundcherry
  • henbit
  • kochia
  • lambs quarters, common
  • nightshade
  • pigweed
  • purslane, common
  • pusley, Florida
  • rock purslane, redmaids
  • thistle, Russian

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