Spectogard Scour Chek

Spectogard Scour Chek

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Product Overview

Spectogard Scour Chek is an excellent anti-infective oral solution for young pigs. This product is proven to have effective spectinomycin activity, offering fast and effective treatment and control of porcine enteric colibacillosis (scours) caused by E. coli susceptible to spectinomycin. It also offers great palatability and is readily accepted. For your convenience, this solution requires no mixing and is ready-to-use. Guaranteed to be a fast-acting solution - expect positive results in 3 to 5 days. This solution is FDA approved. For use in pigs that are under 4 weeks of age, Sold in 240 ml bottles.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Spectinomycin: 50 mg per ml
Target pests Scours
For use in Pigs under four (4) weeks of age.
Pet safe Yes, if followed as directed on the label.
Color red
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer Bimeda (Mfg. Number: 1SPE022)
UPC 899855400154



The plastic doser supplied in each package with SpectoGard Scour-Chek makes treatment easy. After inserting the doser in the bottle, screw the top on tightly to avoid spilling. Push the piece of clear plastic tubing over the end of the pump. Then press the plunger a few times to fill the pump and the clear plastic tube with medication. To administer SpectoGard Scour-Chek, insert the plastic tube in the pig’s mouth and press the plunger to obtain the desired dose. When not in use remove the plunger from the bottle. Put the clear plastic tube in the neck of the bottle and press the plunger a few times to remove the medication from the pump. Replace the original cap on the bottle and always rinse out the doser with water to prevent sticking. The 1000 ml bottle and gallon jug of SpectoGard ScourChek should be used only to refill the 240 ml container in the following manner.

1. Remove the cap and doser from the 240 ml bottle or gallon jug.
2. Unscrew the cap from the 1000 ml bottle or gallon jug.
3. Pour, from the 1000 ml bottle or gallon jug, the volume desired into the 240 ml refillable bottle.
4. Reinsert the doser in the 240 ml bottle and screw the top on tightly.
5. Screw the top tightly on the 1000 ml bottle or the gallon jug. Follow the detailed instructions for use shown on the carton containing the 240 ml bottle of SpectoGard ScourChek.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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