Steri-Fab Has Been Applied Sticker

Steri-Fab Has Been Applied Sticker

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Use stickers on items treated with Steri-Fab.

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Use stickers on items treated with Steri-Fab.

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We have biting mites, which product will kill them

we got some old straw for our animals, and about 4 weeks later we started to notice fleas, and small mites. we have tried several products, and can not get rid of the mites. which products will kill them. We have removed the straw, and no longer let the dogs out around the other animals (goats and chickens). My wife is having all kinds of trouble from the mites, her skin burns, and it is red and swollen, I believe she is allergic to the bits, but I need something to kill the mites, and something to soothe her burning skin and keep them from biting her. Also, evening and nights are the worse for my wife, that is when they seem to come out. We have seen some of the mites ,but are hard to see. They are about the size of pepper, and they are red, black in color.

It is important to be absolutely sure you are actually dealing with  mites. Have the suspected mite identified by a reputable source, such as your local cooperative extension office or a reputable pest control operator. Treatments will vary for different pests. Treatment for say bedbugs is much different than the treatment for bird mites.  Removal of the infested nest or bird and a thorough cleanup is necessary. For treatment in the home, we recommend you frequently vacuum all carpet and upholstery and dispose of the bag or vacuum contents in a sealed bag outdoors. Spray Sterifab on couches, chairs and other upholstered furniture where you may spend time resting. Use MotherEarth Dust in all cracks and crevices around the perimeter of the room. Apply a thin coat of MotherEarth dust to rugs and carpets. Rake (not sweep) nap back and forth, causing dust to enter rug or carpet. Let product sit overnight. Repeat application as necessary and vacuum every 3 - 4 days for effective control. MotherEarth dust does not have a fast knockdown, it can take several days for insects to die after they contact the dust. Onslaught can be used for a faster knockdown. Thoroughly apply as a fine particle broadcast spray using a hand pump sprayer to infested rugs and carpets and other cracks and crevices around the perimeter of each room. Put all clothes through the dryer on high heat to help kill mites and their eggs.We have had many customers use the above recommendations with great success. Most customers report that it can take several months to get rid of all of the mites. Finding and removing the source of the infestation is very important and is the key to getting rid of the mites for go

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