Termites & ants don’t stand a chance with Termidor. The powerful active ingredient, Fipronil, aids Termidor with the power to control all termite species, outdoor ants and many other insect pests.  Looking for a spot treatment with the same active ingedient as Termidor SC?  Try Termidor FOAM in a RTU (ready-to use) foam.

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A professional termiticide and the most effective termiticide and ant control product available today.
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Multiple sizes available
An expanding termiticide foam that contains fipronil, the same active ingredient as Termidor SC, in a ready-to-use formulation.
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A professional applicator that is designed for the use to apply Termidor DRY termiticide.
Termidor is the #1 product for termite control and extermination.

Termite Control with Termidor

Termidor SC Termite Control is the silent exterminator. It works better and faster than termite bait stations, and unlike many termiticides, does not leave unpleasant odors behind. In fact, termites themselves are unable to detect, taste or smell Termidor and instead contact, ingest and spread Termidor to other termites until the entire colony is eliminated. Studies show that Termidor remains effective over 10+ years after application, so when you use Termidor you get long-lasting termite protection.
  • Eliminates 100% of termites in 90 days. Labeled for Subterranean termites, drywood and formosan termites.

  • Better and faster than termite bait systems.

  • Long lasting protection: Termidor effectively protects your home for over 10 years.

Termidor SC 20 oz.

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Save Money by Using Termidor Yourself

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for the services of an exterminator, consider reading our article on how to do a Termite Treatment. At DoMyOwnPestControl.com we can make sure that you protect your home or business from termites, while simultaneously spending only a small fraction of the price that you might have spent on an exterminator.

How Does Termidor Work?

Termidor is odorless and cannot be detected by termites. It works by ingestion, by contact, and by the transfer effect of Fipronil, Termidor's active ingredient. The termites will live for some time after contact with Termidor so that they may live long enough to spread the termiticide to the rest of their colony.

How to Apply Termidor

With Termidor you can treat active termite colonies (that are visible in infested wood) as well as do a complete termite barrier treatment with Termidor around your entire home. DoMyOwnPestControl.com also provides provides a complete Termidor product label, as well as an MSDS as well.

Termidor SC also works well in the difficult Atlanta and South Carolina, Florida and Texas regions.

For More Information

For more information in regards to BASF Termidor Termite Treatment, please feel free to contact a DoMyOwnPestControl.com representative.

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