Termidor DRY

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Termidor DRY

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5

1 Review | 5 Q&A

Product Overview

You must have the  Termidor DRY Applicator to use this product.

Termidor DRY is a unique termiticide that combines the powerful termiticide, Termidor, with a very appetizing bait matrix composed of Microllose. Microllose is a purified microcrystalline cellulose matrix, or in other words a pure form of cellulose that is more appetizing to termites than wood itself in a micro-sized particle. This particle carries a powerful punch in the form of 0.5% Fipronil (the diluted Termidor SC that is applied for termite treatments has a concentration of 0.06% Fipronil).

Termidor DRY is packaged in ready-to-use 5-gram vials that can only be used with this special Termidor DRY Applicator . The vials are easy to use - just screw into the applicator and you are ready to apply. One vial will normally treat up to three average size homes depending on the level of infestation. Three compressions of the applicator bulb is all that is needed for an individual dose and dispenses 0.1-gram of Termidor DRY.

Termidor DRY is applied directly into termite galleries, nests, cartons, shelter tubes, or other areas that are not easily accessed in buildings or off-structure in trees, decks, fences, etc.

Termidor DRY is for spot treatments of active termite infestations and is not a substitute for a comprehensive termite protection program (see our Termite Control page).

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Fipronil 0.5%
Target pests Subterranean and Drywood Termites
For use in Voids and Galleries, Shelter Tubes, Termite Nests or other Inaccessible Areas of Buildings, Trees, Utility Poles, Fencing, Decking Materials, Railroad Trestles, Piers, Beams and other structural or landscape Timbers where Termite Damage is observed or termite activity is present or suspected
If necessary, gain access to gallery or void by creating an opening into it. Openings should be approximately every 24" or into each void. Multiple injection points for each void, carton or gallery may be required. Do not apply more than 5 g [product] (25.0 mg Fipronil a.i.) per 1,000 sq. ft. of total internal surface area of the void, carton, or gallery.
Application A Ready-to-Use Insecticide in a nonrefillable container for a specially designed applicator
Approximately 3 bulb compression's of the applicator delivers 0.1 g of Insecticide
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Formulation Professional Product
Restricted to Commercial Applicators
Shipping Weight 0.05 lbs
Manufacturer BASF (Mfg. Number: 59012524)
EPA Registration 499-546


Drywood Termites: Apply 0.1 - 1 g/injection point.

Subterranean Termites: For termite galleries and shelter tubes apply 0.1 - 1 g/injection point. For applications into carton and nests apply 0.3 - 3 g/injection point. For applications into voids apply 0.2 - 2 g/injection point.

Reapplication Interval: This product may be applied to previously treated sites if termite activity is found 30 days after previous application.

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    Good Service

    By Fred on 10/26/2018

    Thanks for the quick return shipping of the pro quality insect control products you have made available to me ! Some of my work for 18 years involved Cal . PCA and Cert. Applicator [in R.O.W. ,Vertebrate and aquatic ] pest control . That was on a major aqueduct / facilities related maint. and construction.

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Questions & Answers

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How long will Termidor DRY last inside walls?

Hi, I have dry wood termites in the walls. I have used some termidor foam in some spaces but now I think the powder will last longer in side the walls, will it?

Termidor DRY  residual is 6 weeks. You can reapply if you need to 30 days after application.

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Can I use Centrobulb Duster for applying Termidor dry ?
Termidor DRY can only be appled with the Termidor Dry applicator. This applicator is specifically made for Termidor Dry. Three compressions of the applicator bulb is all that is needed for an individual dose and dispenses 0.1-gram of Termidor DRY.

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What is the shelf life of Termidor DRY?

I ask as I may want one to have on hand for quick instillation and do not want to chance backorder, etc.

 Termidor DRY shelf life if stored in a cool dry area is up to 3 years. 

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Will injecting non-repellant inside of termite infested wood then spraying the outside with repellant work?

Over the past few days, I've had subterranean termite alates swarming "inside" of my home for about an hour each day and it's really freaking my wife out. The termites appear to have come in through a crack in our slab and have infested the 2x4's under a section of raised wooden flooring. I'm thinking about treating the inside of the infested timbers with some kind of non-repellant dust or liquid (to try and take out the colony the slow way), then spraying around the perimeter of the raised floor (where the alates have been emerging into my house from) with a repellant termiticide (e.g., bora-care) to keep them from coming up into the house and freaking out my wife. Does that sound like a good plan of action?? Then again, maybe I should try injecting some Jecta or liquid Bora-Care into the wood instead? Or maybe I should try drilling some holes in the plywood between the studs of the raised floor and squirting in a bunch of Bora-Care foam to fill up the empty cavities between the studs? Just trying to figure out the best way to take out the colony in the longer term, whilst still preventing the alates from ruining my wife's day in the short term. I think my wife would be fine if the alates would just stay under the floor unseen, as opposed to coming up into the house from the edges of the raised floor section. Any thoughts you might have on how to deal with this situation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help!

We would not recommend to apply a repellant in the areas you are using non repellents. The idea is that you want the termites to come out and come in contact with the treated area. Please call us at 866-581-7378 so that we can better assist you with this termite treatment.

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How long is the shelf-life of opened but unused Termidor DRY?

if all 5 grams of the termidor dry is not used in a single application, how long can i expect the unused portion to be good and effective for? does it go stale once opened and not applied?


The shelf life of Termidor Dry if stored in a cool, dry area is up to 3 years. It does not go stale if stored properly.

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Termidor DRY 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (1 Reviews / 5 Q&A)

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