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4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4

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Product Overview

The Trapper 24/7 iQ is a highly effective multiple catch mouse trap with a built-in sensor. Its base is made with high-quality strong polycarbonate material, ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting. Allows technicians to easily monitor traps and identify the areas where mice are present. The Trapper 24/7 iQ features a sensing technology that provides timestamps of pest activity and notifies the Bell Sensing App through Bluetooth. It is ideal for PMPs since it helps technicians to understand why rodent activity increases in particular areas and times. This unique mousetrap comes in a sleek design that will blend into any environment, and it is rustproof. For easier cleaning and monitoring, disposable glue boards may be used. Every purchase of the multiple catch mouse trap includes a proprietary sensor and antenna and a weather-proof battery. 

Features and Specs

Target pests Mice
For use in Indoors and outdoors.
Application Place trap in spaces where rodents are likely to travel.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on the label.
Dimensions 10.13 x 6.50 x 2.00 inches.
Color Black.
Material / Construction Strong polycarbonate material.
Special Features It has a built-in sensing technology that allows technicians to monitor and easily collect data at their accounts that will show when and where mice are traveling.
Parts Included Fully integrated battery, proprietary sensor, and antenna, that is water and weather-proof.
Shipping Weight 1.11 lbs
Manufacturer Bell Labs (Mfg. Number: AC3101)


Bell Sensing App:

iQ™ products integrate proprietary BST sensors that turn some of Bell’s most popular products into powerful 24/7 rodent data gathering machines.

Highly customized Bluetooth sensors allow data to be quickly gathered onsite from each iQ™device and then be uploaded to the cloud directly from a smartphone. This is a complete rodent data gathering and management system with the ease of use and cost basis that will allow it to be used at any account.

Bell Sensing App Video Overview:

Bell Sensing Portal:

Proprietary sensors that are fully integrated into each iQ™ product communicate to the Bell Sensing App via Bluetooth® technology.

Once an account is visited, the App uploads all of the information from the service visit to the cloud, which will then push into your customized Portal. Here is where you will create custom account settings, add technicians and review captured data.

Sensing App Adding Trapper 24/7 iQ How-to Video: 

Bell Sensing App Servicing Trapper 24/7 iQ How-to Video:

A subscription fee of $15/month is charged per user of Bell Sensing Technologies iQ App. Can be used at unlimited accounts and with unlimited devices. First 90 days are free. No monthly charge for Portal access.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Good but a little complicated set up.

    By Mike on 03/17/2023

    Everything about the order was 5 star, except the setup of the traps. The whole setup takes some time. I've only played around with the traps for a couple hours and I'm still figuring out how to use the new IQ system. So far, so good, but if you buy these for the first time plan on spending some time to get them going.

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Trapper 24/7 iQ 4 out of 5 stars Rating: 4 (1 Reviews / 0 Q&A)

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