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Henry from Lawrenceburg, Ky writes

I treated my ash trees a month ago using "Dominion' as a drench at .2 oz per 1" of diameter as recommended....

I am currently losing a lot of leaves on most of my ash trees. What can I do next??


It is hard for us to determine how the Dominion is working on your tree without knowing what pest you are treating the ash tree for. Please provide us with more information and we can better diagnose your treatment and if there are any other factors effecting your tree. As Dominion is a systemic, it can take several weeks for the product to actually fully translocate all the way through the tree and start effecting the insect feeding on and destroying it. Many times a foliar application is needed as well to help speed up the control of the insect.

Answer last updated on: 05/10/2013

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