Turtle Traps

Trap and remove turtles from your property in a humane and safe way with our turtle traps. These traps are designed to be reused as needed, to help keep your pool, lake, or water source turtle free.

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A rigid turtle live trap for up to 40 lb. turtles.
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Durable floating turtle trap that helps catch multiple turtles at a time.
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Easy to use trap for large turtles including snapping turtles.
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A rigid turtle live trap for up to 100 lb. turtles.
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A professional repeating reptile trap with two easy release trap doors and a bait door on top.
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A collapsible turtle live trap for up to 40 lb. turtles.
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A collapsible turtle trap for up to 100 lb. turtles.
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A single door trap which is designed to catch unwanted animals without harming them.

How To Trap A Turtle

Control turtle population while humanely removing them from your property with DoMyOwn's selection of turtle traps. Traps are made of metal with steel drop doors to effectively contain reptiles like snapping turtles, basking turtles, red ear turtles, and mud turtles. Handles on the trap are helpful when transporting the animal. Our traps can be reused, allowing you to continue moving turtles to more suitable habitats as often as needed.

Determine the type of trap you need. Whether you are looking for floating turtle traps or turtle hoop traps, you'll want to decide on the correct size and model. Set up traps near swimming pools, creeks, lakes, forests, and other places where turtles have been spotted. Dig a hole near the turtle and line the trap with bait. Meat, either dead or alive, is the best bait for catching turtles. Fish is the most effective bait for a live trap. Vegetables are another good choice for bait. Wait for turtle to enter the trap. Success in controlling the population of local turtles usually relies on how well the bait can attract turtles.

Once you have caught the turtle, remove it from the trap so it can be transported away from your property and safely relocated to a suitable habitat. Turtles commonly carry salmonella, so removing turtles is essential to reducing the health risk to your family. Catching turtles is also good lake management and will keep the animal from becoming overrun in a particular area.

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