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Please be sure that you need this bed bug product before ordering. We cannot accept returns on bed bug items after they have left our warehouse due to the possibility of spreading bed bugs. Please call our customer service team at 866-581-7378 for defective items. If purchasing encasements please carefully measure your mattress and boxspring prior to making your purchase.

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ZappBug Oven 2
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The ZappBug Oven 2 is the perfect solution to your bed bug problems. It helps eliminate 100% of bed bugs in all stages: from eggs and nymphs to adult ones. The temperature inside ranges from 120 degrees Fahrenheit to 145 degrees Fahrenheit which kills bed bugs instantly but guarantees to keep your items safe. It is specially created with safety in mind because it doesn't use any chemicals or pesticides, plus it has external heating unit and it contains tip-over safety switch to avoid fire hazard. ZappBug has almost twice the capacity of a competitor's bed bug heater available on the market today and it will allow you to heat your rugs, shoes, clothes, beddings, and most of your things all at once. This product is very effective in preventing and killing those pesky bed bugs. It's very simple to use: just set it up, put your belongings inside and then turn it on. It comes with a timer that will turn off the unit automatically when the heat treatment cycle is finished. It also includes a wireless digital thermometer so you can monitor the temperature and make sure it reaches above 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Product Documents

Kills 100% of bed bugs in shoes, books, files, papers, clothes, bedding, electronics, and more. Designed to fit carry on or checked baggage. The ZappBug Oven 2 is portable and can be assembled by one person in minutes.

If you travel, ZappBug will prevent bed bugs from entering your home. Simply heat treat your luggage after returning from a trip and any bed bugs that may have hitched a ride will be killed. ZappBug accommodates both checked and carry-on luggage.

If you are already dealing with an infestation, ZappBug will eliminate 100% of all bed bugs from your personal belongings.

NOTE: The Zappbug oven will kill bed bugs on the items that are placed inside the zippered chamber. It will not kill bed bugs outside of the zippered chamber.

****The Zappbug Oven 2 CANNOT be returned once it is purchased and left our warehouse.  Any issues with defective parts will be replaced by the manufacturer.  We will not accept returns or process refunds on any Zappbug Oven units due to the possibility of bed bugs traveling back with the product.  You should only order this product if you know you need it. ****

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07/07/2015 Ricky from Frenchburg

QI already own the zappbug room. Can I purchase just the oven bag alone without the accessories?


Unfortunately, we do not carry separate oven bags for the Zappbug Oven 2. These items only come as a set.

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01/20/2016 Christy from Wi

QDo you have to assemble the ZappbBug Oven 2?
Do you have to put this together?


Yes, you will have to set up the ZappBug Oven 2.†Starting on†page 7 of the manual are step by step instructions to assist you in putting this product together. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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08/19/2014 Cheryl from Nyc, Ny

QWhat are the heating times for items in the ZappBug Oven 2?
What are the heating times for shoes, pocketbooks, clothing, pillows, etc Also what is the limit # of items to be placed in the unit at one time? What are the bags size dimensions?

AThe dimensions of the ZappBugg Over 2 are 39.5"L x 39.5"W x 28"H. For specific times on heating items, we would recommend contacting the manufacturer. The normal time frames for heating items is between 2 and 5 hours. The name of the manufacturer is ZappBugg and their phone number is (206) 430-5514. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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