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American Brand Permethrin Granules

American Brand Permethrin Granules contains Permethrin to provide contact and residual control of troublesome outdoor insects and pests as listed, for up to 4 weeks. Permethrin Granules treats up to 5000 sq. ft. using only 10 lbs. Permethrin Granules for lawns and around homes, commercial and industrial buildings. Permethrin Granules kills on contact and protects your home from invading ants. Permethrin Granules also stops Spiders, Roaches, Fleas, and Brown dog ticks.

Contains Permethrin to provide contact and residual control of troublesome outdoor insects as listed, for up to 4 weeks. 10 lbs. treats up to 5000 sq. ft.

Ready to Use

Kills on contact, protects your home from invading ants. Also stops Spiders, Roaches, Fleas, Brown dog ticks.

For Lawns and Turf-grass:

Kills Grubs, Fleas, Ants, Crickets, Brown dog ticks, Fire ants, Chinch bugs, Armyworms, Billbugs, Cutworms, Earwigs, Mole crickets, Sod webworms, and other insects listed on this label.

Barrier/band Treatment around Commercial buildings and homes.

The following pests are commonly found around or near foundations of commercial buildings and houses as well in lawns. Some pests attempt to enter the structure. Apply a 3 to 5 foot barrier band of AMERICAN BRAND PERMETHRIN GRANULES next to the buildings foundation for control of insects such as Ants, Armyworms, Brown dog ticks, Chinch bugs, Clover mites, Crickets, Cutworms, Earwigs, Fleas, Lawn moths-Sod webworms, Leafhoppers, Millipedes, Mole crickets, and Sowbugs. APPLICATION RATE: Use 3.2 ounces for each 100 sq. ft. area 5 ft. x 20 ft. or 2 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. of area.


Distribute product evenly over the area to be treated. Lightly water in the granules after application. Do not mow treated area until granules have been watered in.


Apply 1 1/2 teaspoonful over and around each ant hill. Water lightly after application. Reapply if insects reappear and after hard rains.

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    5 of 5 stars  box elders
    By Sandy in IGH MN on 06/08/2016

    I use this for control around the exterior of the homes warm side to help with box elder bugs. I use it with the spray type in or on areas where I can't use granules.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  American Brand Permethrin Granules
    By Rick in SPFG MO on 07/17/2017

    Outstanding, works like a charm and thank to DoMyOwn.

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06/17/2016 Mark from Central Florida

QWhat would the spreader setting for a Scotts Speedy Green 2000 to apply American Brand Permethrin Granules?


Unfortunately we are not exactly sure what setting to place that exact model spreader on to apply†American Brand Permethrin Granules, but typically there is not a specific setting since it all depends on how fast you walk, etc.

The label calls for 2 to 3 pounds per 1000 square feet.† If your spreader settings go from 1 to 10 (1 letting out the least and 10 letting out the most) you typically want to be around a 2 setting.† If your spreader goes from 1 to 20, you should probably be around a 4 setting.† The goal is to just run out of product when you are done walking the 1000 square feet.† One person may walk faster than someone else, so they may place It on a higher setting than someone that walks slower.†

Almost all fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, etc have treatments in amounts of so much product per 1000 square feet.† So if you can figure out what your walking speed is then you know anytime you apply any product that calls for so much of it per 1000 square feet, you always set your spreader on this setting.† You can calibrate this by marking off a 1000 square foot (10 x 100) area and placing 4 ounces of any type of product of similar granule size, or of the extinguish in the spreader.† Start with a low setting and start walking your marked off area at a normal pace.† You can adjust as you go and find the basic setting for you to apply the product over 1000 square feet.†

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05/01/2015 David from Florence Sc

QAre American Brand Permethrin Granules an effective brand for fire ants like Advion Fire Ant Bait?

AAmerican Brand Permethrin Granules are labeled for fire ants and should be applied with water. Advion Fire Ant Bait should be applied around the mound on a dry day when you are not expecting any rainfall for at least 8-24hrs. American Brand Permethrin Granules are insecticide granules and Advion Fire Ant granules are a bait that they consume and transfer through food sharing. Baiting is most popular because you are able to eradicate more than the foraging ants because the product makes it way back to the colony site.

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10/02/2014 Joel from Texarkana, Tx

QWhat is the carrier of American Brand Permethrin Granules?

AWe need more information in order to answer your question. If you are wanting to know manufacturer of American Brand Permethrin Granules, it is VPG. Please let us know exactly what you would like to know.

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07/18/2017 John from Novi, Mi

QWill American Brand Permethrin Granules kill my lawn in patches or kill my bushes?


American Brand Permethrin Granules†will not kill grass or bushes.††

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07/15/2014 Janet from Hollywood, Fl

QIs American Brand Permethrin Granules - 25 lb safe for cats?

AAmerican Brand Permethrin Granules - 25 lb is are to be spread and then lightly watered in. After the treated area has tried pets are safe tp come back in the area.

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04/13/2015 Raul from San Antonio, Tx

QCan you mix Permethrin granules with Talstar granules for a fast knock down

AThere really would not reason to mix Permethrin Granules with Talstar Granules. Also, we would be concerned that you would not get an accurate spread of the granules if mixed.

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