Ant Bait Stations (Ant Traps)

Easily monitor the consumption of ant bait with ant bait stations. Ant bait stations, also known as ant bait traps, hold bait in a central location. Homeowners can easily see if the bait has been taken by ants or not. If ants have not removed the bait, another bait should be used, as ants can be attracted to some baits and not others. 

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Ants wont be able to resist the dual choice bait matrix available in each ant bait station. When the bait is carried to the nest, it will kill the queen and eventually eliminate the entire colony.

 1.    Granular Ant Bait Traps

These baits are formulated to be most effective against those ants whose diet consists mainly of protein such as meat and other savory foods. Because they are meant to be kept dry to be most effective, it is vitally important to make sure that you have them encased in some kind of ant trap, or ant bait station, in order to protect them from the elements and to ensure that the ants will find and eat the bait. This is of particular importance when you are trying to eliminate an infestation of ants outside your home, as even a bit of rain can render dry or granular baits much less effective.

You can either use the Maxforce Complete Granular Bait, or the Advance 375A Select Granular Ant Bait.

2.    Gel or Liquid Ant Bait Traps

These baits are intended to battle those ants that subsist on a diet of sweets. They are usually formulated with a sugary and sticky consistency, and because of this are not as susceptible to the ravages of weather. However, it is still a good idea to use bait stations in combination with these products, to give an extra layer of protection and to make sure that the Ants will continue to return to the bait until it has all been eaten. In addition, a bait station can be a great idea if you want to dispense a portioned amount of bait over time, in order to provide control that isn’t tied to a one time application.

You can either use the Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait, or the Advance Liquid Bait with our Ant traps.

Some Helpful Tips On Using Ant Bait Stations (Ant Traps)

•    It always helps to make sure that any area where you are trying to get rid of Ants has been thoroughly cleaned and any trash has been disposed of. If there are even traces of food, Ants will definitely find that and be drawn to it. This can make your eradication efforts much more difficult in the long run so it pays to include cleanliness in your program of ant killing.
•    Make sure that you have enough bait for the job, even if you have the best ant bait in the world, you won’t be doing much with it if it is improperly applied or applied too conservatively. This is one case where less is not always more, and applying extra bait will not do any harm in the long run.

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