Bird Control

Birds in warehouses, barns, and buildings can be a serious nuisance. Bird deterrent products can prevent birds from congregating on roofs, ledges, and beams while repellents keep birds away. Nets and traps can be used in the event a bird does enter a building or warehouse. And bird dropping cleaner will help with the aftermath of an infestation.

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Flex Track Straight Connectors can be attached to the Flex Track at virtually any point that connection is needed.
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Charger for the Make Em Move Shock Tape.
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High quality nylon net for bird and small animal capture - net expands to 4 ft
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An easy-to-assemble, automatic feeder with solar charger and rechargeable battery that is optimized for effective OvoControl application.
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A safe and effective bird trap that is specially designed for sparrows. It features a design that does not look and function like a normal trapping device.
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WCS Pigeon Trap LP- Low Profile is an effective product that lets you get rid of problem birds.
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A non-hazardous bird repellent which effectively remove birds off properties without harming them.
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An 8.5 inches brush that will help clean for your hummingbird feeders.

Although killing birds is not generally recommended, there are many bird repellents that will send a clear message that your home is off limits. You can control most birds with certain repellents. If you have a pigeon problem read our article, How To Get Rid Of Pigeons, to learn some additional steps you should take.

Bird Repellent Is Best

There are two main types of bird repellent that are effective in getting these annoying creatures out of your home for good.

1.    Bird Repellent Gels normally utilize the active ingredient that makes peppers spicy which is known as capsaicin. This will create discomfort for the birds if they attempt to get into your house and eventually they will give up and look for another place to nest.

2.    Products that contains polybutene, such as 4 The Birds. Although each product has a different formula, none of them are harmful to birds, people, pets, or the surrounding environment if used as directed. If you want to know how to keep birds away, these products do a great job.

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