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Blindside Herbicide WDG

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    Didn't phase my dollar weeds

    By Jeff on 04/26/2015

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    Dollar weeds are on label but this stuff didn't seem to phase them one bit.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    You may need to try two applications of the Blindside for Dollarweed since it can be a tough weed to control for an entire season. (Just be sure that you don't exceed the annual rates on the product label: Dollarweed also needs lots of water to thrive - probably less than your lawn, so adjusting your watering schedule may help to slow down the Dollarweed as well. We apologize that you are not happy from the results from the product. We are always happy to assist you by telephone, email, or live chat as well.

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    Not so good

    By Ronald on 02/25/2017

    Used on St Augustine in east tex. Applied per lable. Did NOT kill my dollar weed or clover, but sure wiped out my St. Aug.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Thank you for your comments! There are many factors when using herbicides that can affect the outcomes. St. Augustine is a particularly sensitive turfgrass, especially if you are applying herbicides when the turf may be under stress from heat or drought. Blindside can sometimes cause tip burn on St. Augustine at labeled rates, especially if you have Floratam, but the turf should recover from this. If you used a surfactant with Blindside, that would cause extra sensitivity, too. Blindside does typically do very well on dollarweed, although it is not unusual to need multiple applications for this plant (or for mature clover). We are happy to troubleshoot with you by email or by telephone at 866-581-7378. We appreciate your feedback and your business!

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    Use with Caution

    By Kenneth on 09/03/2019

    I followed the directions on the package exactly and this product cause severe damage to my Centipede lawn. It did kill the weeds but also killed a significant amount of my lawn. I now have many dead brown spots in my lawn and it does not appear to be recovering at all after 3 weeks. I am in the deep south and it did rain for 30 days straight after applying the product so I am not certain if this is what caused the damage. I am now scared to use the remaining product which is a shame because it cost me so much money.

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    Doesn't work as advertised

    By Larry on 06/05/2020

    I bought a bottle of this very expensive herbicide on the advice of a friend for use in flower beds and around my pond for control of invasive weeds. I am very disappointed that it killed only a very very few of the weeds and it took over 10 days to show any sign of dying. I went on line and found a herbicide called Diquat that did an unbelievable job even when applied only 2 hours before a rain. The next morning the invasive weeds had already turned brown and were dying. So I spent ~$120.00 for a very small bottle of a product that was a failure. Not sure what is made to control certainly not weeds. Lesson learned!

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    By Wayne on 09/12/2020

    A waste of money, recommended by three different technical people to get rid of crab grass. Applied as directed , two weeks later no change in the crab grass

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    killed my grass but not the weeds

    By Deford on 10/12/2020

    If I could rate this zero or negative stars I would. I followed all the directions on recommended grass but it was a disaster. The grass is now gone but the weeds it was supposed to treat remain. I will now have to have the weeds poisoned with something that will kill them and have new sod applied at the cost of thousands of dollars. Even with some weeds my yard actually looked fairly good before blindside destroyed it. My wife is even angrier than I am and my neighbors are in disbelief over what happened. Do not buy this product.

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