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Blindside Herbicide WDG

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    blindside herbicide WDG

    By Sally on 04/02/2015

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    I wanted to purchase celsius WG but you no longer sell it so it was suggested to order this blindside. I put it down and have found it to be good on sedge grass but my oxalis in places are still growing and have purple flowers. In Florida it has been very hot so it seems like the grass is yellowing in places. On celsius I could spray in hot weather and it didn't do anything.

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    This is not a Crabgrass killer

    By Fltech on 08/13/2019

    Blindside is a mix of the the active herbicides contained in 'MSM turf' and 'Dismisss'. Neither will kill Crabgrass. I prefer to use those products separately for broadleaf and sedges and they are both great herbicides for those weeds, but not for Crabgrass. Premixed blindside would give less control over how much of each herbicide you apply, but if you want them premixed for some reason and this mix works for you, then this would be a product that contains both, but be careful as both of these herbicides are very powerful and they should be used sparingly at as low a rate as possible.

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)