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    Floratam stopped growing

    By Steve on 01/09/2013

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    I applied Blindside December 22nd and it's now Jan 9th! Close to 3 weeks now. I have Floratam variety of St. Augustine grass. The label says its ok to use on St. Augustine but doesn't specify which varieties. Several varieties of weeds are dying but the dollar weed of which I'm the most concerned doesn't want to die. The grass has stopped growing but looks like its going to come back. I'm happy that the majority of weeds are going away but disappointed that the dollar weed won't die. I wish I would've bought Celsius or another herbicide. I emailed FMC and asked them if it was approved for Floratam. I got a generic answer that was a copy and pasted from the label saying on new varieties of grass it should be tested before used on the entire lawn! Floratam has been around since 1977 and was kind of upset at the generic answer! I hope this review helps other Floridians with warm season grass

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    Not so Effective on Dandelions

    By Robert on 03/18/2022

    I tried Dismiss last year now Blindside. I have 3 acres and where the lawn is thin, I get Dandelions every spring. Neither product was effective. Going to try a weed and feed, possibly Fertilome 15-0-15, I have Centipede. However, the team at Do My Own are the best and help the best they can. They get 10 stars :)

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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)