Bonide Captain Jack's Neem Max

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Captain Jacks Neem Max Gallon RTU

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5

1 Review | 0 Q&A

Product Overview

Bonide Captain Jack's NeemMax is an organic 4-in-1 solution that kills insects and protects against disease. It serves as a insecticide, fungicide, miticide, and nematicide. It targets insects like grasshoppers, beetles, caterpillars and other listed pests. Aside from that, it prevents diseases like molds, rust, and powdery mildewdew. Its mode of action allows it to be ingested by target insects and disrupt growth. This product also prevents egg laying and egg hatching, keeping the insect population under control. Best used on fruits, vegetables, grass, lawns, and ornamental plants. Compatible as a spray or as a drench and mixes easily with water. 

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient 70.0% Cold Pressed Neem Oil
Target pests Insects such as aphids, grasshoppers, scales, beetles, leafhoppers, thrips, borers, caterpillars, mealybugs, weevils, flies, and gnats
For use in Fruits, vegetables, grass, lawns, and ornamentals
Application Product can be applied as a spray or a drench. See label for complete application instructions.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed.
Shipping Weight 1.09 lbs
Manufacturer Bonide (Mfg. Number: 026)
UPC 037321000266
EPA Registration 88760-10-4



  • FOR ORGANIC GARDENING - Captain Jack's NeemMax is a perfect pest control solution for any garden dealing with mites, flies, mildew, and more. This product is a four-in-one insecticide, fungicide, miticide, and nematicide.
  • NEEDS TO BE MIXED - This product arrives as a concentrate that needs to be mixed before application. It contains added ingredients so there is no need to add a spreader sticker such as dish soap.
  • KILLS ALL STAGES OF INSECTS - It is great because it kills the egg, larvae, and adult stages of insects while also preventing the fungal attack of plant tissues.
  • USE ON ANY PLANT - This organic product, can be used on roses and other flowers, vegetables, herbs, spices, indoor houseplants, trees, turf, shrubs, and any other organic gardening you may perform.
  • USE AS SPRAY OR DRENCH - This product can be applied as a spray or a drench. Drench applications control important pests such as Nematodes and Pythium.
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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Good stuff, works.

    By Ryan on 10/14/2022

    I got tired of buying pre-mixed neem oil, and switched to this concentrate. Much more economical to use concentrate for a product you might be spraying every 4-5 days. This is cold-pressed neem oil, which has more anti-insect active ingredient than the "clarified hydrophobic neem oil" you often see. Works great for insects on ornamentals and garden crops.

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Bonide Captain Jack's Neem Max 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (1 Reviews / 0 Q&A)

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