Drain Fly Kit with IGR

Drain Fly Kit with IGR

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Product Overview

Dealing with drain flies can be a draining experience.  But with our Drain Fly Kit with IGR, it doesn’t have to be!  Treating an active drain fly infestation requires multiple steps of treatment to achieve the quickest and most successful elimination of those tiny, pesky flies.  We’ve included all the necessary professional-grade products you’ll need to tackle the problem in one easy-to-use kit.  

The Drain Fly Kit with IGR includes:

  • Catchmaster 100i Insect Monitors- Monitoring glue boards that are formulated with food-grade molasses that is highly attractive to a variety of different insects. Glue boards are a great, non-toxic way to add one more pest elimination option to your treatment plan.  They also serve as a highly effective monitoring tool for pest populations, ensuring that your sanitation efforts and chemical treatment methods are working to reduce, and ultimately eliminate the pest population. Each kit contains 1 pack of 4 boards, which will break down to 12 individual drain monitors.
  • CB-80 Aerosol Spray- A quick knock-down aerosol insecticide that can be used as a space spray for a contact kill of drain flies in the air or on surfaces.  Once dry, CB-80 does not contain a residual, making it a great choice for sensitive areas like indoor living spaces and food handling areas. Each kit comes with one 17 oz can, which will provide multiple treatment applications.
  • Nibor D Insecticide Foam + IGR- An easy-to-use foaming insecticide that quickly expands into hard-to-treat areas like drains, voids, and cracks & crevices.  It contains dual active ingredients to help control the population quicker and provide even longer residual control than single active ingredient insecticides.  Each kit includes one 20 oz can that will provide multiple treatments, along with a full cone spray actuator that can be used for spray applications in areas where grime tends to build up, and a 17-inch detachable hose for reaching deep into drains, pipes and other difficult to reach areas where pests live and breed.
  • InVade Bio Drain Gel - A thick formulation of citrus oil and premium microbes that heavily coats the insides of drains, soda drain lines and drip trays, allowing it to eat through the scum and build-up that provides a food source and harborage site for drain flies and their larvae. It also assists in eliminating odors produced by organic matter build-up.  Each kit comes with one 32 oz bottle of InVade Bio Grain Gel to use after complete drain fly elimination has been achieved with Nibor-D Insecticide Foam + IGR applications. 1 quart will provide approximately 7 single drain treatments.  Low use drains should be treated monthly and high use drains should be treated weekly to prevent reinfestation.  We offer additional bottles in a range of sizes if you have multiple drains to treat.  

Got a large scale infestation to treat?  No worries, we have a kit for that too!  Check out our Commercial Drain Fly and Small Fly Kit that contains the same great products as the Drain Fly Kit with IGR, but with enough to treat multiple high-use drain sites on commercial accounts like industrial kitchens, resturaunts, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

Unsure if you’re dealing with drain flies, or need some help getting started on your treatment?  No problem!  Take a moment to review our Drain Fly Treatment Guide and Videos to learn how to positively identify drain flies, as well as helpful how-to guides and videos on treating the problem and preventing future problems.

*Please Note: CB-80 is undergoing a packaging change from a can with a blue cap/nozzle to a black cap/nozzle.  During this transition period, you may receive either a can with a black cap or a can with a blue cap.  The product itself has not changed.  

Features and Specs

Target pests Drain Flies
For use in Indoors, in and around infested drains.
Parts Included 1 can of CB-80, 1 can of Nibor-D Insecticide Foam + IGR, 1 quart of InVade Bio Drain Gel, 1 pack of 12 glue board insect monitors.
Shipping Weight 5.18 lbs


Don’t call a pro to treat your drain fly problem… BE the pro and DIY with our help!

With 4 professional-grade products combined in 1 easy-to-use kit and our step-by-step Treatment Guide, we’ve given you all the tools you’ll need to perform the entire process, from monitoring to treatment to prevention, easily and cost-effectively.

Nibor-D Insecticide Foam + IGR is an easy-to-use expanding foam insecticide that contains dual active ingredients for a quick kill and long residual in drains and other hard-to-treat areas where pests may live and breed.  With the addition of the IGR, Nibor-D Insecticide Foam will assist in disrupting the lifecycle of labeled insects and assist in preventing future life cycles from progressing.  
CB-80 Aerosol contains natural pyrethrins and stabilizers to knock down adult flies in the area at the time of application and is safe to use in sensitive areas like living spaces and food handling areas.
The Catchmaster 100i insect glue boards are used to determine which drains are infested and to monitor treatments to ensure the population is decreasing and ultimately eradicated.
InVade Bio Drain Gel contains natural microbes (bacillus bacteria) and citrus oil with an emulsifier and gelling agent. The microbes break down the scum and organic buildup that are the breeding grounds for drain flies. By targeting the source of the infestation, drain flies are eliminated and kept away.

The Drain Fly Kit is not a substitute for general sanitation. Repeat applications should be made until drain fly activity has ceased, then InVade Bio Drain Gel should also be used weekly or monthly for sanitation, maintenance, and drain fly prevention.

Always be sure to properly Identify the flies you are treating: different types of fly treatment will require different products and applications.

How To Use The Drain Fly Kit with IGR

STEP 1 - INSPECT - Catchmaster 100i Insect Monitors

*Cover suspected infested drains with the included glue board traps. You do this by folding the boards in half like a tent, and then peeling off the plastic film on the glue. (Do not fold the glue boards into a triangle shape.)

*Place the glue board over each drain at night that you want to monitor. The board should sit slightly up off the drain (as shown in the image below), allowing air to move into and out of the drain.

*This will allow you to (1) determine which drains are infested by drain flies so you can focus your treatment in the right areas, and (2) monitor and control infested drains during treatment by catching adult flies that exit the drain.

*If you are treating a room with multiple drains, such as a bathtub with a tub/shower and a sink, a glue board should be placed over all drains in the affected room.

*Remove glue boards each morning when you’re ready to treat drains with Nibor-D Insecticide Foam + IGR.  If glue boards are not full, you can reuse them again when you recover your drains at night.

*Tip: After each night, circle caught flies with a marker so that you can see how many were caught each day. This will help you see the population decrease so you know your treatments are successfully working towards complete elimination.  Glue boards should be replaced when full, have become covered with dust/dander, or if they get wet. 

*Remember to keep glue boards out of reach of pets and children.  In the event a glue board becomes stuck on a person, pet, or other unintended object, it can safely and easily be removed with a common household cooking oil like vegetable or olive oil.  Work the oil between the glue and the sticking point until the glue loosens and you can easily pull it off. 


*Nibor-D Insecticide Foam + IGR contains dual active ingredients, Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate- a borate insecticide, and Pyriproxyfen- an insect growth regulator.

*Nibor- D Insecticide Foam + IGR can be foamed into any drain, void, or crack and crevice and can be applied to any non-food surface.

*After removing the monitoring glue boards each morning, use Nibor-D Insecticide Foam + IGR in problem drains once daily for one week to eliminate your current drain fly infestation. 

*Using the included 17-inch detachable applicator hose, direct hose down into drain and firmly press can acutator to release foam into the drain.  Slowly introduce foam into the drain until you see the foam reach the top of the drain.  Allow foam to dissipate completely before using drain. 

*Once you have gone 1 week without seeing any new drain flies in the air or captured on your glue boards, you can begin using InVade Bio Drain Gel for ongoing prevention, sanitation, and maintenance.  

*Nibor- D Insecticide Foam +IGR can also be used on surfaces of refuse containers and trash chutes as well as in cracks and crevices where pests are present.

STEP 3 - SPACE SPRAY - CB-80 Aerosol

*CB-80 Aerosol contains natural pyrethrins that kill adult drain flies and other flying pests quickly.  It does not contain a residual after it dries, making it a great choice for sensitive areas like indoor living spaces and food handling areas.

*Close doors and windows to the treatment area before spraying.

*Spray directly into the middle of the treatment area for small spaces, or use a sweeping motion for larger areas.

*Sweep up and destroy fallen insects.

*Applications may be made as needed.

*Keep other people and pets out of the treatment area until the spray has dried.

STEP 4 - DRAIN GEL - InVade Bio Drain Gel

*InVade Bio Drain Gel contains natural bacteria that break down the organic buildup in drains where drain flies want to breed. Breaking down this breeding source is the key to preventing drain fly reinfestations.

*InVade Bio Drain Gel should be used for reinfestation prevention and drain santiation after you have gone 1 week without capturing any new drain flies on your glueboards or seeing any adult drain flies flying.

*Use level markers on InVade Bio Drain Gel bottle to track correct usage.

*Pour 4 oz. of Invade Bio Drain Gel down each drain once a week for high-use drains and once a month for lesser-used drains. This maintenance treatment will keep drains free of the scum and organic matter buildup that creates a breeding ground and food source for drain flies. *DO NOT rinse the drain with water right after applying the Bio Drain Gel -- you should let the sink sit all night without being used.

*When applying in a garbage disposal, turn on disposal for a few seconds to disperse drain gel.

*InVade Bio Drain Gel can also be diluted with water for mopping and application in other areas where organic buildup occurs, such as dumpsters and trash chutes.

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