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Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide gallon
This version of Eco Exempt IC-2 has been discontinued by the manufacturer and has been replaced with the newer Essentria IC3.
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Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide

We strongly suggest that you purchase the Eco Adjuvant with the IC2 product.  Adjuvant will drastically increase the performance of the IC2 product. 

Eco Exempt IC-2 can be used in tankless misting systems.  If you have a tank fed system you should use Eco Exempt MC Misting Concentrate which is less likely to damage the plastic in the misting systems nozzles. 

Eco Exempt IC-2 provides rapid knockdown and kill of a broad range of insects. It may be applied as a wet spray while food plants are in operation. Eco Exempt IC maybe used indoors and outdoors. 1 gal. jug

The EcoExempt IC-2 Dust is a versatile, minimum risk product that is exempt from Federal registration because it is made from natural botanical oils like rosemary, wintergreen and eugenol. All EcoEXEMPT products are USDA National Organic Program compliant. The performance and application costs are comparable to conventional pesticides, and have a pleasant botanical fragrance. (Fragrance usually dissipates within several hours of treatment). EcoExempt IC-2 can also be used with an adjuvant when mixed with water to make the product more effective.

EcoExempt IC-2:

  • Residual protection
  • Flexible label
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Broad spectrum
  • Non-staining
  • Highly versatile
  • No aquatic toxicity
  • For conventional, misting and fogging equipment
  • Great for mosquito control programs
  • New softer botanical scent

To control spiders, flying insects, and other nuisance pests on and around boat docks, and as an aid in the elimination of their harborage areas, dilute 2 to 8 ounces of EcoEXEMPT® IC2 per gallon of water1 and apply at the rate of 2 gallons per 1000 square feet or until area is thoroughly wet.
Since flying insects can migrate in and out of the treatment area, it is recommended to use this product as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. This includes, but is not limited to,
eliminating breeding and harborage sites.

The use of an approved adjuvant, such as EcoADJUVANT, is required.

EcoExempt IC-2 works like conventional chemical insecticides like:

Demand CS
Cynoff EC
Suspend SC

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  • 13 of 13 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  It works!
    By Caroline in Southern Maine on 04/08/2009

    We hired a professional company to spray our yard every six weeks for tick control. They used Eco Exempt Insecticide and it really worked! Our dog only brought in one tick the whole season! The same company treated our neighbor's yard for mosquitoes using this same product. They were very pleased with the results!

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  • 12 of 13 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Wonderful results
    By Kevin on 09/12/2008

    I own a pesticide business and have experienced wonderful results using EcoExempt IC-2. This product really works. On Long Island, there is a big problem with West Nile virus. The government is doing treatments with chemical insecticides. I can't help wondering why they don't use Eco Exempt.

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  • 8 of 8 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Got rid of my exterminator!!!
    By Steve in Christiansburg, VA on 08/12/2010
    Verified Purchase

    The exterminator that I had used this and it WORKED REALLY WELL, but the exterminator himself was expensive and a complete jerk. My life is better without having to take off work, spend an hour with someone I did not trust in my house and then pay him $125. Anyhoo, I found out he used Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide + Adjuvant, so a little Google magic led me to this site. I called customer service as well....very very helpful and knowledgeable. The product arrived, I mixed it per directions and sprayed it myself. Bing, bang, boom...done, no more bugs. And I keep $500 a year.

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  • 4 of 4 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Love this ecofriendly pest control
    By Pj in shamong twp, nj on 11/12/2010
    Verified Purchase

    Bought this to get rid of our stink bug problem. Used as directed, mixed with adjuvent & mixture applied easily. Have was concerned about their safety and its effectiveness. It smells great (who would say that about a pesticide), did not affect pets. Stink bugs came out of their hiding very quickly (influx at 1st), but 2 days later most dead and have not seen any inside as of 6th day!

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  • 4 of 5 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 stars  Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide + Adjuvant
    By Tom in Magnolia, TX on 06/13/2010

    Appears to be a good product. Good scent. Contact kill on spiders is fast. Made 2nd application today on entry points and in attic. Will need to see how well it prevents. I would have liked to have known more about the adjuvant before purchasing to understand why it needs to be mixed with the spray.

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  • 3 of 4 people found this review helpful:

    1 of 5 stars  Eco-Exempt IC-2
    By Lorraine in Isanti County, Minnesota on 09/10/2010
    Verified Purchase

    we used this twice since we received the product. it was applied with a stihl backpack fogger - and the mosquitoes didn't seem to mind it at all. we went out right after the application and got lots of bites and spent lots of time swatting the mosquitoes. we would not recommend this product. we didn't want to use a heavy chemical pesticide since we use well water - but this didn't work. We hope there is something out there that can kill the mosquitoes and not hurt our water supply - but we have not found it yet.

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  • 3 of 4 people found this review helpful:

    2 of 5 stars  Smells nice...
    By Sherry on 12/04/2010
    Verified Purchase

    That's about all I can say about this stuff. I mixed the strongest dosage, and sprayed the garage which was pretty much infested with spiders. I live in a log home, and it was empty for nearly a year before we moved in, so you can imagine. It did kill some spiders and other bugs, but some of the others just dried themselves off and laughed at me. Amazingly, one of the most resilient spider was the daddy-long-legs... I waited for a few days as suggested by customer service, and they were alive and well until I soaked them with Raid. It smells nice (as pesticides go) and I believe it may be a better repellent than insecticide. Not sure I could recommend this product.

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 stars  Carpenter Bees & Cockroaches
    By Mel on 05/23/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Originally bought the Eco Exempt Liquid and Dust for the Carpenter Bee application. It's work very well for spraying the outside of our cedar shingles and filling the bored holes. Have been using the same spray for perimeter application for tick control since we have frequent visit from Bambi and friends, and so far so good. Last year, we had a friend visit and their luggage had some stowaways in a form of cockroaches.  Very upsetting, but spraying the corners and underneath the appliances quickly produced the much desired results!

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  • 0 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 stars  ECO Exempt IC-2
    By Mike in Williamstown, WV on 04/20/2011

    This product seems to be a great addition to my other products I use. The main reason to purchase it was to give customers that peace of mind that its all natural and safe for pets. It smells great and only last for about 25 min and then there is no smell at all. Just long enough for the customers to be reassured that it has to be an all natural product and safe to be around it for them and their pets and children. I have not used for very long so I'm not sure how good it treats insects but it covers a lot of insects. Only time will tell. I plan on purchasing more later for sure.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Excellent for almost everything
    By Ted in Los Angeles, California on 08/24/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Very easy to apply and extremely effective. I've used chemical sprays in the past and while they have good "knock down" properties, the sprays smell bad and I hate to think about the damage they're doing to my lungs. This product smells like wintergreen and mint. GARDEN: I have a large organic garden. Provided you don't spray your plants or the soil directly, your plants will remain happy and healthy. TERMITES: I live in California and we have major termite problems out here. This will not be effective to eradicate them. For those critters, only a pro can really handle that. But for everything else this really works.

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  • 4 of 5 stars  ECO friendly insecticide
    By Robert in Phoenix, AZ on 09/29/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Excellent choice to have around our turtles (Red eared sliders). It have made the roach issue to go away almost after 2 weeks of treatment (3 treatments).

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Most Helpful Q&A's

05/20/2011 Jagriti

QMosquito control product containing diatomaceous earth?

ADiatomaceous earth is not a good choice when it comes to mosquito control because DE will not adhere to the places mosquitoes like to land such as the underside of leaves on trees and bushes. Also, DE can take a week or more to kill an insect and in that time those insects can continue to bite, breed and lay eggs and in the case of mosquitoes this is just not acceptable. Essentria IC3 would be a much better choice.

8 of 13 people found this answer helpful.
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09/22/2011 Davon from Los Angeles, California

QHow effective is this product on fleas and bedbugs, and if it is what is the recommended dosage to use?


Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide is an all natural product that was formulated to compete directly against top synthetic pyrethroid insecticides such as Talstar P or Suspend SC. The majority of our customers that have purchased Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide have been very pleased with the results they have received when using it for bedbugs and fleas when used as directed on the product label. We now carry the Essentria IC3 which is a new version of the Eco IC-2 with the adjuvant already included and it is available in a smaller sized package.

When treating for bed bugs thoroughly clean, vacuum, and air mattresses and springs prior to treatment. Mix EcoEXEMPT IC2 at a rate of 1 to 4 ounces per gallon of water and apply as a spot treatment to cracks and crevices, around baseboards, floorboards, headboards, and walls. In hotels and other public lodging facilities pay special attention to luggage stands and the adjacent area. On mattresses and springs spot treat only areas that may harbor pests. Concentrate on tufts, seams, folds, and creases. Repeat as necessary. To prevent potential discoloring, do not spray on visible areas (i.e. baseboards, door frames, walls, etc.) and wipe away excess. You should use more than one type of product when treating for bedbugs. You should also be using an aerosol spray to get into small cracks and crevices and you should also use a dust insecticide for the longest lasting residual possible. We also recommend using a steamer when and where possible to help kill bedbugs and their eggs on contact with out chemicals.

Fleas Outdoors:

Use 2 to 4 ounces of EcoEXEMPT IC2 per gallon of water and apply at the rate of 2 to 4 gallons
per 1000 square feet or until area is thoroughly wet.

2 of 2 people found this answer helpful.
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07/15/2011 Liz

QWhat chemical and fogger should I use for mosquitoes, spider, midges, and a host of other insects?
I live on a lake, with mosquitoes, spider, midges, and a host of other insects. I've tried a lot of different products nothing works more than a couple of days. I have had the lawn fogged professional that was great lasted about a month--- real expensive though. I have grandchildren and pets and we are in the yard often. What should I use?

AEco Exempt IC-2 + Adjuvant would be a good choice to use for most insects and it can be used around the lake without fear of harming the aquatic animals (most insecticides are harmful to fish and other aquatic animals). Eco-Exempt IC-2 can be sprayed or fogged for mosquitoes, midges, spiders and other pests outdoors. Which fogger you use will be a personal choice as they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can look at all of the foggers we carry buy clicking on this link : Insecticide Foggers

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05/25/2011 Pat

QIs there any yard tick spray or product we can use near an area that includes a fishing pond?

APesticides are very hazardous to aquatic life and even the slightest amount of a pesticide can result in dead fish and other aquatic animals.  The only products that we really have that can be used around ponds and other bodies of water for mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects is called Eco Exempt IC2 or the Essentria IC3 Insecticide.  These are EPA exempt products which means it is an all natural product made from plant extracts and will not harm aquatic life.

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09/03/2010 Kim

QHow long will your natural pest controls (such as Eco Exempt IC2, granules and Niban bait) stay good for?

AThe Eco Exempt IC2 sprays will last for about 30 days outdoors and about 90 days indoors. Granule insecticides will last for about 4 months after they have been applied. Bait granules will last until they are eaten or they get wet.

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Most Recent Customer Questions

09/04/2013 Marlon from Quincy

QHow often should I spray Eco Exempt IC-2 in my apartment?
Moving into a new apt and making sure I have a head start on any new neighbors that want to move in with me. How often should I use this application?

AEco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide has been discontinued. We recommend contacting

EcoSMART Technologies at 1-877-723-3545 for an accurate recommendation.

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10/19/2011 Lee from Fort Collins, Co

QEco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide Phytotoxicity? And is it effective against aphids?
What are the known sensitive plants to Eco-Exempt? Also, will it be effective for rose aphid?

AEco Exempt IC-2 is labeled for aphids and should do a great job for you. Exceeding maximum usage rates may create potential phytotoxocity on plant surfaces. You can find the usage instructions for aphids on the product label. We recommend that you call the manufacturer for information on plant species that may be sensitive to Eco Exempt IC-2 as we do not have that information. You can reach Prentiss at 800-652-2427.

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07/30/2011 Matt

QHow does eco exempt IC-2 kill flying insects?

AAll insecticides can only kill any insect if the insect, or fly in this case, comes into contact with it.  When treating for flies you should apply the insecticide to any surface that the flies typically land on.  Once they land on the surface they will pick up the product on their body and eventually be killed.  It is not an immediate kill, but depending on how long ago the surface was applied and how fresh the product is will determine how long it takes for the fly to die.  We do have very effective fly control traps that you may want to try also.

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06/09/2011 Lynne

QWhy can you not ship the product to Connecticut?
I'm having a real bad mosquito problem this summer.

AConnecticut has strict regulations regarding most insecticides and we do not have any control over which products can be shipped there. There is a product called Eco Exempt IC-2 + Adjuvant that is available to our customers in CT and is used to control mosquitoes. Our customer who have used this natural product have reported great results, very comparable to synthetic products they have used in the past.

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06/01/2011 Brian

QBest way to spray for mosquitoes in NC
We have a pool in the back and live in a very wooded area. Mosquitoes are BAD back there, but I'd hate to kill all the beneficial bugs also. I hear garlic sprays work well, as does Permethrin, but am not sure how to go about this myself. Misting systems are $3000 and I'm not sure that's a good way to go. Help?

AUnfortunately insecticides are not selective. Spraying for mosquitoes will also have some effect on the beneficial insects since their basic biology is the same. Eco Exempt IC-2  plus Eco Adjuvant would be a good choice for mosquito control. Eco Exempt IC-2 is an all natural product that would need to be mixed with adjuvant (available on our website) and water and then sprayed on the underside of the leaves of trees and bushes and around the perimeter of your property.

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04/28/2011 Dean

QShould I use some type of fogger to control mosquitoes in my yard?
I live in NY on a wooded lot. I cannot enjoy the backyard when the mosquitoes are so bad.

AUnfortunately you are very limited on what types of products you can purchase in New York and most foggers are restricted. Thankfully there is one product that is available to folks in New York and it does a pretty good job for mosquito control. Eco Exempt IC-2 is an all natural product that can be used in a regular hand pump sprayer or in automatic mosquito misting systems.  To control adult mosquitoes and other biting flies using ground application, dilute 1 to 3 fluid ounces of Eco Exempt IC2 per gallon of
water. (We strongly suggest that you purchase the Eco Adjuvant with the IC2 product.  Adjuvant will drastically increase the performance of the IC2 product.)  Treat harborage areas such as the underside of leaves on shrubbery and other vegetation where mosquitoes/flies may rest. Shrubbery and vegetation around stagnant pools, marshy areas, ponds and shorelines should also be treated.

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09/28/2010 Brandon

QMosquito control with Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide
I will be using a backpack fogger and would like the ratio for the product. Do I need to add eco- adjuvant? Do you carry any granules for mosquito control on turf?

AWhen fogging Eco-Exempt IC-2, the label recommends using between 4 and 10 ounces per gallon of water.  You should use the Eco-adjuvant with the Eco-Exempt IC2.  The Eco-adjuvant will help the Eco-Exempt IC2 stick better to leaves, shrubs, and trees and help it last longer outside. The Eco-Exempt IC2 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It has been replaced with Essentria IC3 which includes the adjuvant in the product.  You should direct the fog at shrubs, bushes, and trees, and especially the underside of leaves which is where mosquitoes hang out at during the day.  There is not a good granules for mosquitoes since most of them are on or under leaves and not on the ground once they are adults.

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09/23/2010 Mitch

QIs Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide really as good as chemicals? Will it get rid of Stink Bugs?
Hey, I really like your site, and once I figure out what to get, I'm definitely buying from you. I have a big stink bug problem. They are all over the outside of my house. Thousands of them. I need them gone before they come in. I'm looking at Cynoff EC, but I would certainly prefer a more environmental friendly alternative. Is this really just as good? I really need something that will work. Thanks for your time

AThe manufacturer of Eco Exempt IC2 claims that it does work just as well as synthetic products. We have not had any complaints from customers that have purchased and used the Eco Exempt IC-2, but we do not have any feed back from anyone using it for stink bugs. Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide does not offer an instant knockdown of any insect; after insects contact treated areas they will usually die after a few hours.

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08/26/2010 David

QIndoor and Outdoor application of Eco Exempt IC-2.
I have been spraying the baseboards in my house with ECO Exempt Ic-2, and I was wondering how often should I do this? I was spraying it every thirty days indoors and every two weeks outside. Can I spray it less often? How long can I expect it to keep killing spiders before I reapply indoors and outdoors? How long is the residual killing power?

AAccording to the manufacturer, Eco Exempt IC-2 has about the same residual activity as commercial synthetic pyrethroid insecticides. This means it should last about 1 month outdoors and up to 3 months indoors.

0 of 1 people found this answer helpful.
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08/18/2010 R

QHow effective is Eco Exempt IC-2 against black widow spiders?

AEco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide is labeled for spiders and we have had many reports from other customers that the control of spiders is very good with this product. Spiders do take longer to actually die after coming into contact with insecticides however and an immediate knockdown should not be expected. Eco Exempt IC-2 Insecticide will also help to eliminate other insects that the spiders feed on which in turn will make your property less appealing to incoming spiders.

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