Fly Lights

Flies, no matter what kind, are always a bother. Houseflies pose a particular problem, especially in restaurants and businesses where they can bother patrons. In these cases, and in your home, chemicals are not always the best choice. Lights, as we all know, attract a wide variety of insects indoors and out and can be a great tool for getting those pesky flies away from populated areas.

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A compact fly trap with a multi-purpose design to provide convenience in strategic surveillance of flies either wall-mounted or ceiling hung.
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Shatterproof replacement bulb that is compatible with several Gardner fly lights.
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10-watt replacement bulb for FlyWeb Plus Trap.
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A one-of-a-kind trap that makes it easy to catch flies and other insects.
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Multiple sizes available
Insect monitoring boards used for a wide variety of applications, with or without light traps.
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A new corner mount option insect light trap with a glue-board and two 20 watt lamps.
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An energy efficient UV insect lamp with a stylish design that hides that glue-board from plain sight.
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Flypod Flylight Trap is a table top fly light that has unique ways to make the capture of flying pests simple.
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Universal glue boards that fit the Vector line of fly traps such as Vector Plasma and Vector Classic.
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Nectar Fly light Trap is a subtle way keep your food preparation areas clear of flying pests.
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Replacement bulb for the Gardner GT-200 fly light and other lights of similar size.
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A portable fly light for table tops or on the floor that uses 4 32 watt bulbs and 3 adhesive glue boards for commercial food processing to supermarkets.
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Offers an advanced solution to help you get rid of insects without buzzing, zapping or using added harmful pesticides, chemicals, and refills.
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A large and durable fly light trap that provides 24-hour, non-chemical trapping in commercial areas.
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Wall mount adhesive trap to capture flies discretely.
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Multiple sizes available
Half the watts and size of the original Vector Plasma. Better for smaller rooms or where less UV light is desired.
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Replacement bulb that fits a wide range of professional fly lights.
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A decorative fly light that provides an effective yet discreet way of controlling insect flies.
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Refill pack glue boards for electric SilenTrap Flying Insect Trap. Sold 2 per pack.
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A professional fly light trap that attracts and traps flying insects using attractant lamps and glue boards.
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A professional grade fly light with 1 fly pheromone glue board and two 15 watt UV bulbs.
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Premier outdoor insect electrocutor to suppress flies and other flying insects.
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A beautiful, decorative fly light that effectively controls flies in a discreet way.
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An attractive, ultra-slim and compact Insect light Trap with 30 watts of Quantum power for more attraction to target flying insects.

What is a UV Fly Light Trap?

An Ultraviolet Fly Light Trap is an insect trap that uses powerful ultraviolet rays to attract flies and other flying insect pests without the use of chemicals harmful, toxic chemicals.

When Should I Use a UV Fly Light Trap?

UV Fly Light Traps are ideal for use in settings and situations where using traditional fly sprays or chemicals would not be appropriate, or where discreet, low profile control is desired-such as kitchens, restaurants, or store fronts.

How light Traps (Fly Lights) Work

Different insects are attracted to various kinds of wavelengths, but commonly you will find light traps that emit fluorescent UV light. The lights act as a lure, and when these lights are combined with sticky traps, as many of these fly trap lights are, work to not only attract the bugs to one area but also to keep them from leaving. You can use glue boards or strips alone, but adding the light can increase your bug catching potential.

There are two basic kids of Fly Light Traps:

1) Ultraviolet Pheromone (Glue) Traps also attract flies using ultraviolet rays, but instead of electrocution, the fly gets stuck on a removable glue strip. Glue strips utilize pheromones to further attract nuisance flies that are not as readily attracted to the ultraviolet light. This model is appropriate for most public and food settings.

2) Ultraviolet Fly Zappers attract flies using ultraviolet rays, and then electrocute them. Fly Zappers are often used in warehouses. They are not generally appropriate for residential areas, business applications, or food-preparation areas where fly body parts might fall into food.

Benefits of UV Fly Light Traps

1) Ultraviolet rays are not harmful to people or pets, unlike toxic chemicals.

2) No unpleasant odors.

3) Powerful ultraviolet light provides for optimum coverage.

4) Ultraviolet rays attract a wide range of flying insects, not just flies.

5) Many ultraviolet fly traps are designed to look like ordinary light fixtures, making them perfect for discreet control in public venues.

How To Use Insect Light Traps

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing what kind of fly & insect light you want to buy and where to put the light. A fly light will work best indoors, unless you choose to get a bug zapper. Bug zappers are different than indoor fly lights, as they electrocute the bugs and cause them to explode, and using these indoors may not be the best choice for fly control.

  • Hang lights where they cannot be visible to bugs outdoors, so they are not attracted to the areas near windows.
  • Hang at least six feet off the floor (or closer to the floor than the ceiling) since flies tend to be lower than higher flying.
  • Place the light about fifteen feet away from doors and hallways (essentially in the middle of a room) so bugs will be attracted to one area and won’t be as likely to fly around the whole structure.
  • Never place these lights near areas where food is prepared or processed.
  • Replace the light bulbs at least once a year, since the dimmer the bulbs are the less effective they will be. Keep in mind that a large majority of these devices are UV flytraps, but also black light traps and fluorescent light traps, so make sure you get the correct light bulbs. Spring is usually the best since it is right before peak fly season.
  • Check and clean traps often, replacing full sticky traps to allow the light to do its job.

When using an ultraviolet fly trap the following recommendations should be followed to maintain a successful fly management program:

Selecting the correct location for this type of device is critical and should be carefully considered before installation. When installing a fly light be sure to install it away from sensitive areas.  This will help draw flies away from areas where they could irritate customers or contaminate food products. Fly lights should also be placed away from doors and windows that open to the outside as the pheromones on the glue boards could potentially attract flies in from outdoors.

It is important to perform routine maintenance on your fly light trap. These are the general guidelines that should be followed:  Fly replacement glue boards should be checked on a weekly basis. Glue boards that are dusty or full of insects are ineffective and should be changed. The ultraviolet light bulbs in fly light traps need to be replaced on scheduled dates, usually every 4-6 months. These bulbs should be changed even if they have not burned out. Over time the ultraviolet rays become weak and will no longer be attractive to flies. Read product the instruction guide to determine complete maintenance requirements for each individual device.

Use the fly light trap as part of your fly control program. Inspection, exclusion and good sanitation are equally important components of a well-managed, successful fly control program.  Inspect your facility to see where a fly problem is developing.  Exclude flies from facility by using screens on windows and insecticides or baits labeled for flies outside. Use good sanitation practices and procedures in dumpster areas as well as food areas to help control fly populations. Failure to include all of the above mentioned components into your fly management program could lead to an ongoing fly issue and cause unsatisfactory conditions in sensitive areas.

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