Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate

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Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate
Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5

2 Reviews | 3 Q&A

Product Overview

Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate helps prevent Blossom End Rot, especially in tomatoes and peppers. Blossom End Rot occurs mostly with tomatoes. It is a physiological disorder (not disease) in plants caused by the lack of calcium. While growing rapidly, large amounts of calcium do not reach the end of the fruit, resulting in a lack of calcium in the fruit that is growing. To fix the problem, just apply the product on the soil containing the root growing area of the plant, about 1 cup per 50 ft. of row or 1 tsp. per plant. Avoid contacting the plant with the product and do not apply within 2 inches of the plant. Water in the Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate after applying it. A second application 2 weeks after the initial application is recommended. Subsequent applications may be made as needed.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Calcium 19% Nitrogen 15.5%
Target pests Blossom End Rot
For use in Vegetable Gardens, especially for Tomatoes and Peppers
Application Use as a Soil (Side Dress) Application or as a Foliar Spray
Place the around the plants on the soil near the root growing area
1 Cup per 50 ft. Row - or 1 tsp. per Plant
Avoid contact with the plant and do not apply within 2 inches of the plant stem
Water in after application
A second application after 2 weeks of the first application is recommended
Subsequent applications may be made as needed
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Shipping Weight 4.10 lbs
Manufacturer VPG (Mfg. Number: 32118 )
UPC 732221321182


HI-YIELD CALCIUM NITRATE is a fertilizer containing two important nutrients that plants need: Calcium (Ca) and Nitrogen (N). Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate is used primarily in vegetable gardens, particularly for Tomatoes and Peppers, in the prevention of Blossom End Rot.

Blossom End Rot is a common problem with tomatoes. It is a physiological disorder (not a disease) caused by a lack of Calcium. When fruits are enlarging rapidly, sufficient amounts of Calcium fail to reach the end of the fruit resulting in a deficiency of Calcium in the developing fruit. Blossom End Rot begins as a small, water soaked spot. The spot develops into a dark brown, leathery area on the bottom end of the fruit. The surface of the spot shrinks and becomes flattened or sunken. This disorder is most severe following fluctuations in soil moisture (either too dry or too wet).

Removing affected fruits when symptoms are first observed will promote subsequent development of healthy fruit if adequate amounts of Calcium (Ca) are present in the soil.


Soil (Side Dress) Application:

Apply HI-YIELD CALCIUM NITRATE to the soil at the rate of 1 cup per 50 feet of row or 1 level teaspoon per each plant. Apply to the root growing area of the plant avoiding direct contact with the plant. Do not apply within 2 inches of the plant stem. Water in after application. A second application 2 weeks after the initial application is recommended. Subsequent applications may be made as needed.

NOTE: Applications may burn plants, especially if made in the direct sun during the hotter part of the day. Therefore, only make applications in the cooler part of the day (morning hours) when the temperature is lower than 85F at time of application to minimize the potential for burn. Do not apply to plants under stress conditions.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Great Product, Great Service!

    By Robert on 05/25/2017

    This product is excellent for large fleshy tomatoes and peppers. Is a quick source of calcium. Will also ward off blossom end rot IF plants are kept watered. This company provides good, fast service and, no shipping charges!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Great Product

    By Kevin on 04/29/2022

    The Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate is a great product for vegetable gardens. The tomatoes, squash and bell peppers really do well when you apply the proper amount. The ordering process was easy and I received the product in just 2 days. So Do Your Own with DOMYOWN.COM

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Questions & Answers

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Is Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate suitable to control bitter pit in apples? What is the mixture rate?

I understand calcium nitrate can be applied to apples before or after harvest to stop bitter pit from developing, do you have a treatment protocol for this product?


The Hi Yield Calcium Nitrate is for use on tomatoes to help stop blossom end rot from occurring. We are unsure if it would do anything for apples or the bitter pit you are referring to. Our team does not have experience in bitter pit or what would cause or eliminate it, so we would recommend reaching out to a local fruit tree nursery or your counties master gardeners office for assistance with this particular problem. 

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Is Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate water soluble for hydroponic system?

Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate does not have instructions on the product label for application in hydroponic systems so we are unable to recommend this use with the product.

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Can Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate be used as a lawn fertilizer?

Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate is not labeled for lawns and should only be used in vegetable gardens to help prevent Blossom End Rot in especially tomatoes and peppers. You may wish to contact the manufacturer directly for clarification by either calling 855-270-4776, or by emailing consumersupport@fertilome.com 

Please take a moment to view our How to Select the Best Fertilizer for Your Lawn Guide and Spring Fertilizer Guide for more information on selecting the best fertilizer for your lawn. 

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Hi-Yield Calcium Nitrate 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (2 Reviews / 3 Q&A)

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