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Cm writes

Is MotherEarth D safe around pets, toddlers and infants?

Are there any other dusts that are more safe or effective against ants, spiders and other household crawling insects?


When used as directed MotherEarth D is one of the safest dusts to use in the home. MotherEarth D is actually made up of crushed freshwater diatoms and it works by dehydrating insects through a desiccating action. MotherEarth D does not contain any chemical insecticides. We also carry Essentria Dust, a natural botanical oil dust that is very effective. The Essentria Dust is a versatile, minimum risk product that is exempt from Federal registration because it is made from natural botanical oils like rosemary, wintergreen and eugenol. Both dusts are safer to use in homes and both are very effective for crawling insects. The main differences would be that MotherEarth D lasts for as long as it is dry and in place, and Essentria Dust lasts for about 6 months but will also work even if it is damp.

Answer last updated on: 03/22/2010

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