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Mice will invade homes, sheds, and other structures in search of food and shelter. Not only can mice be a nuisance, but they can spread disease through their feces. DoMyOwn’s selection of mice control products will help you eliminate mice from your property and prevent others from entering. From traps and bait blox to glue boards, we have what you need to manage mice. 

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A trap cover to conceal JAWZ traps and to hide the captured rodents from view.
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An effective mouse trap that is designed and constructed with galvanized steel in easy-to-see safety green and a sturdy solid lid.
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A ready-to-use trap that is effective against mice and insects.
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A black powder-coated tamper-resistant bait station for rodent control that can be used in residential and commercial areas.
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A low-profile no-kill mousetrap constructed with durable galvanized steel for long-lasting use.
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Pack of 12 replacement lids for the Ketch-All Humane Live Multi Catch Mouse Trap.

Three Step Process

mouseThere are three steps to getting rid of mice: (1) sanitize, (2)mouse-proof your home, and (3) eliminate the existing mouse population. The last step of the mouse control process can prove the most challenging of the three.

Once you have reached this stage of the process, you must determine where the mice are residing and traveling. Check for signs of gnawing, nesting, or mice feces. If none of these signs are readily visible, one popular detection method is to lightly dust suspected areas with unscented talcum powder or mason’s chalk dust and wait overnight. If the powder appears flecked or disturbed the next day, it’s a good bet that mice have walked through it. Placing traps or poison in this area will then help eliminate the problem.

Choosing the Right Mouse Killer Product

  • Live Catch mouse traps: Rodent enters a one way door or hole and is trapped in a holding area. Rodent can be released somewhere away from the home so it cannot find its way back. No poison involved.
  • Place Packets/ Bait Blox: Packets and Blox are placed in areas of activity: crawl space, attics, behind appliances, etc. Rodent will eat through the packet (or eat the bait blox) and ingest poison. Rodent usually exits structure before it dies, but there is a chance it could die inside the structure, sometimes a wall void. Should not use where kids or pets can access the packets.
  • Rodent Bait Station: Station with childproof lid that holds a poison block inside. For use outside or inside where kids or pets may be able to access it. Rodent will enter station, eat bait, and may die inside the station or in a nearby location.
  • Glue Boards: For use in cabinets, in corners, or along walls where rodents travel. Rodent sticks to board and is unable to move.
  • Snap Traps: For use in cabinets or in corners. Rodent triggers the trap by going after food put on the trigger.

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