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If you have had rodent problems in the past, are currently tackling an infestation, or live in an area prone to rodents, our selection of rodent repellents will help keep rodents away from your property. Repellents change the behavior of mice and rats with their scent, making them less attracted to your property as they try to avoid the repellent.

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A professional-grade barrier sealant that provides outstanding durability and adhesion to seal without any synthetic toxins or harmful residue.
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An effective organic repellent that helps get rid of mice.
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A rodent repellent in a granule form that is made with all-natural ingredients that repels rats, chipmunks, squirrels and other rodents.
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An effective rodent repellent that protects against mice and rats by producing an odor that is offensive to rodents but pleasant for humans.
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A territorial marking stick that effectively discourages mice, rats, and other small commensal rodents from entering your property.
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Conveniently packaged scent packs that help drive away rodents naturally from homes, garages, barns, stables, and more.
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An all around animal deterrent that can be used both in residential and commercial areas.
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An all around animal deterrent that can be used both in residential and commercial areas.
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A professional rodent repellent made with essential oils that effectively control rodents.
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A natural repellent that prevents rodents from damaging your home and garden areas without harming the animals.
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An animal repellent for most species of mice and rats from damaging home and garden areas.
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A ready to use liquid formula that helps prevent rats and mice from entering your home, garden or building.

How Rodent Repellents Work

Repellents contain certain substances that irritate, but not harm, the target animal, causing them to leave the treated area. Often, the active ingredients will irritate nasal passages or mucous membranes. The main purpose for using repellents, in almost all instances for any nuisance animal, is to modify behaviors and act as a deterrent. You will find products recommended for both mice and rats.

Using Rodent Repellents

Repellents are perfect for getting mice, rats, and other rodents to avoid certain areas and to keep them away from certain items, like garbage areas, trees, poles, fences, shrubs, roofs, etc., to minimize possible damage. The main goal for using a repellent, for any nuisance animal, is to modify unwanted behavior. While a rodent repellent cannot completely control an infestation, repellents can aid you by keeping the rodents out of specific areas, funneling them into areas you have either placed traps or baits. Here are some tips on using rodent repellents:

  • Keep repellents fresh. The most important part of using rodent repellents is making sure the repellent remains potent so it can be as effective as possible. Once the scent or activity of the repellent fades, the animals may go right back to the same places. Replace as often as the label recommends.
  • Using different types of repellents may also help. Since mice and rats are resilient creatures, they may become used to one repellent and no longer be deterred by the repellent product you have been using. Switch up the repellents to keep mice and rats on their toes.
  • Always follow instructions carefully. Each product will have different instructions and safety precautions, so just because you have used a rodent repellent before, you should still read all instructions carefully with each application.

Types of Rodent Repellent

There are many choices of rodent repellents available to you. It is helpful to know what the differences may be, so you can choose the best repellents.

  • Different active ingredients work differently and have varying degrees of success, depending on your environment and the particular rodents you are trying to repel. You will likely find balsam fir oil, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, garlic oil, pepper, cedar oil, rosemary oil, and other botanically derived ingredients in the rodent repellents on the market today. These popular active ingredients for mice repellents and rat repellents mean that they are natural ways to get rid of rats and mice.
  • Formulas also differ from product to product, and allow you to use multiple formulas at once, depending on where you need them. Some, like Bonide Mouse Magic and Shake Away Mouse Repellents have convenient packs that let you place the product in different areas mess free; you simply need to replace the pack according to the directions. This type is perfect for hard to reach, non-living areas like attics and wall voids.
  • Liquid repellents, like Repels-All Liquid Concentrate, help you to make a barrier, best applied outdoors. The same goes for granular formulas, like Shake Away Rodent Repellent Granules.
  • Gel formulas are perfect for common areas, since they stay put and can be easily replaced when they dry out. They can also be perfect for treating things you want the rats and mice to avoid damaging, like cables, wires, trees, etc. Try Pest Barrier Rat-Out Gel or DeTour For Rodents Bio-Repellent.

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