New York Outdoor/Indoor Flea and Tick Kit

New York Outdoor/Indoor Flea and Tick Kit

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Product Overview

The New York Outdoor/Indoor Flea and Tick Kit contains professional products to help prevent and treat infestations of fleas and ticks indoors and outdoors in any state in the US. This kit contains both adulticides and Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) to provide a quick knockdown of adult pests and to prevent the development of immature stages of ticks and fleas. The indoor products, PT Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Aerosol Spray and CimeXa dust, are ready to use, while the FenvaStar EcoCap and Tekko IGR are concentrates that will be diluted with water and applied with a pump sprayer.

As with all pest control, we advocate an Integrated Pest Management approach to your treatment. You should always incorporate thorough inspection and non-chemical methods of control such as eliminating harborage areas for successful flea treatment and tick treatment.

Both FenvaStar EcoCap and Tekko IGR are concentrates that need to be diluted with water and applied with a pump sprayer, such as a hand pump sprayer or backpack sprayer.

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Features and Specs

Shipping Weight 4.64 lbs


The products in the New York Outdoor/Indoor Flea and Tick Kit are effective for treating both fleas and ticks, however your applications will vary slightly depending on which pest you need to control. Regardless of whether you are treating for fleas, ticks or both, it is usually best to start by treating your pets with products designed for this purpose. A topical treatment such as ZoGuard Plus for Dogs and ZoGuard Plus for Cats offers monthly control of both fleas and ticks. You can view more information about which products are best for your dogs and cats on our Flea Treatment and Tick Treatment guides.

Before you apply any insecticides, it is important to Inspect the treatment area to identify which pests are present and where you need to target your treatments. These areas may vary depending on whether you are treating for fleas or for ticks.

Outside, wear white socks with shoes while walking around moist, shady areas will help to find fleas. To locate ticks, drag a white towel attached to a dowel or rod across the suspected areas to pick up insects.

How to Apply New York Outdoor/Indoor Flea and Tick Kit

STEP 1 - STEP 1 - Natural and Non-Chemical Control Indoors

Before applying insecticides, you should practice non-chemical methods of control in the treatment areas, especially when eradicating fleas indoors.

*Wash or throw away pet bedding.

*Wash, discard, or dry clean area rugs.

*Vacuum or steam clean furniture where pets lay or rest.

*Thorough vacuuming is a crucial step of indoor flea control, in particular. Vacuum all floors, carpets, under furniture, and under cushions. Vacuuming not only picks up live fleas, flea dirt, and eggs, but it also provides the stimulation the pupae (immature fleas) need to exit their cocoons and to expose themselves to the insecticides that have been applied.

*It is important to discard vacuum bags or to empty bagless vacuum traps after each vacuuming so that adults or eggs do not escape from the vacuum cleaner and cause re-infestation.

*Vacuum every day or every other day for at least 14 days.

STEP 2 - SPRAY Indoors - PT Alpine and Bed Bug Aerosol Spray 

PT Alpine and Bed Bug Aerosol Spray contains an adulticide and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) in a ready-to-use aerosol with a non-drip application tip.  The insecticide kills exposed adult insects, while the IGR prevent maturation of immature stages of fleas and ticks to interrupt the breeding cycle for up to 7 months indoors. PT Alpine and Bed Bug Aerosol has been granted with a reduced risk status by the EPA, meaning it is extremely safe to use inside the home. 

*Always shake PT Alpine well before application. If you fail to shake the can well, the product may drip, and you will need to clean the tip before applying.

*Hold can 2-3 feet from surfaces to be treated. Turn container upside down and point valve toward surface to be sprayed. Be sure to apply uniformly using a sweeping motion to carpets, rugs, flooring, floors, drapes and all surfaces of upholstered furniture including under cushions. Avoid over wetting furniture and carpeting. A fine mist or spray applied uniformly is all that is necessary to kill fleas and ticks.

*For fleas, be sure to broadcast treat the entire treatment areas, particularly on carpets and rugs.

*For tick control, focus on cracks and crevices where ticks may hide, such as along baseboards, around window frames and door frames, under and behind furniture, and in localized areas of the floor where ticks may be found.

*Ticks like to climb, so remember to treat under furniture legs or other spots where ticks may be able to climb up from the floor.

*Be sure to treat pet bedding as well. Allow treatment areas to dry before allowing pets to re-enter the area.

*Allow spray application to dry before applying CimeXa Dust.

*PT Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Aerosol Spray should be stored with the cap on and out of direct sunlight. If properly stored (in a cool, dry area out of reach of children and pets), PT Alpine will have a shelf life of approximately 3 years.

STEP 3 - DUST - CimeXa Insecticide Dust

CimeXa Insecticide Dust contains 100% natural silica gel that dries up fleas that come into contact with it. You can apply the dust directly from the container, or you can use a hand duster such as a B&G Bulb Duster to apply the dust evenly and into fine cracks and crevices. Be sure spray applications are dry before using insecticide dust.

*For flea control, apply dust lightly and evenly as a broadcast over carpets and rugs, along baseboards, and under cushions or pet bedding.

*Dust applied to carpets and rugs should be brushed in using a stiff carpet brush or broom. This allows the very fine particles to work down into the nap of carpeting where flea eggs and pupae hide. Once the product is brushed into carpeting, regular vacuuming will not disturb it.

*For tick control, concentrate dust applications to cracks and crevices where ticks are likely to hide, such as under baseboards, under and behind furniture, and along door frames and window frames.

*Use a damp paper towel to wipe up excess dust.

*Dust does not need to be reapplied unless disturbed or removed, or if it becomes wet.

*Store CimeXa Dust in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children and pets.

STEP 4 - NON-CHEMICAL CONTROL - Harborage Elimination, Removing Debris Outdoors

*For both fleas and ticks, start with areas where pets and where wild animals may frequent, particularly shady areas where they like to find rest.

*Remove yard debris such as leaves and grass clippings so that your application will reach the ground instead of just the things on top of it.

*Be sure to check under porches or decks, around outbuildings like sheds, and along fence lines.

*Mowing and trimming overgrown shrubs or trees will help to eliminate areas where fleas and ticks like to breed.

*Avoid over-watering lawns: fleas will thrive in moist areas.

STEP 5 - SPRAY - FenvaStar EcoCap and Archer IGR

Both the FenvaStar and the Archer IGR are water-based concentrates that you should dilute with water only. Wear gloves when mixing and handling pesticides, such as Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves.

*To mix the FenvaStar, shake well before diluting. Use 1-2 oz. of concentrate per gallon of water or per 1,000 square feet for higher volumes of water.

*Use 1 oz./gal. for prevention and for low-level infestations. Use up to 2 oz./gal. for initial cleanout of heavy infestations.

*Fill sprayer tank 1/3 - 1/2 with clean, temperate water.

*To measure the FenvaStar EcoCap, hold the bottle with the label facing you, then tilt the bottle to the left to fill the small reservoir with the desired amount of concentrate. Unscrew only the cap on the angled side of the reservoir to dispense the pre-measured amount of concentrate.

*Add desired amount of FenvaStar to sprayer tank, then close lid and agitate the sprayer to begin mixing.

*Add the desired amount of Archer IGR to the tank. Use 1 oz. of Archer concentrate per gallon of water or per 1,500 square feet of area.

*To measure the Archer IGR, first shake the bottle well. Then squeeze the bottle to fill the small reservoir with the desire amount of concentrate. Unscrew only the cap on the small reservoir side to pour out the pre-measured concentrate.

*Shake, agitate, or stir tank mixture again, then add the remaining volume of water. Agitate tank mixture again before application, or if spraying is interrupted.

*For tick treatments, treat the entire outdoor lawn and ornamentals where ticks have been found. For ornamental plants, try to treat the entire plants, including the undersides of the leaves. You may want to use a higher volume of water to get more thorough coverage.

*Also treat around rock or brick retaining walls, along pathways, on and around piles of yard debris or other dense foliage, and anywhere pets or wild animals may spend time.

*For flea treatments, concentrate your spraying on areas where animals spend the most time and where dense vegetation is found, such as under decks, in shady areas such as under trees, and where yard debris may build up.

*Fleas cannot develop on hard surfaces such as driveways or in open, sunny areas, so you do not need to treat these areas for fleas.

*You may also apply the FenvaStar/Archer solution as a perimeter treatment around the foundation of the structure, creating a band 1-3 feet up onto the structure and 2-3 feet out onto the surrounding yard.

*Keep pets and children out of the treatment area until the application has dried, usually about an hour.

*Try to mix only enough solution to use at the time of application. Diluted concentrates will break down and may damage spray equipment. Always rinse spray equipment and allow to dry thoroughly after use.

*Store concentrates in temperate areas out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children and pets.


*Fleas and ticks reproduce quickly and prolifically, so repeat treatments are almost always necessary to completely eradicate an infestations.

*Repeat spray applications every 14 days until there are no more signs of pests.

*Plan to allow 2-8 weeks for complete eradication of fleas or ticks.

*Apply outdoor sprays every 30 days for prevention of flea and tick infestations.

*Remember that pets may bring in new adult fleas and ticks from outside, so continue treatment of pets and outdoor areas as needed.

*Consider mowing 24 hours after applying outdoor sprays to stimulate flea pupae so they will be exposed to the pesticides.

*Both FenvaStar EcoCap and Archer IGR will aid in the prevention and control of many common pests, such as ants and cockroaches. See the FenvaStar EcoCap label and Archer IGR label for complete additional instructions.

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