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NiBor-D Insecticide

NiBor-D Insecticide is a versatile product that has different methods of application and can be used against insect pests, mildew, and fungus. This will not contaminate bait and can be used in conjunction with Niban or Niban-FG. Use NiBor-D Insecticide as a dust or in a liquid solution (can also be used to mop). Because NiBor-D Insecticide is a borate powder it will not cause metal to corrode like boric acid does.

NiBor-D can be applied as a liquid broadcast spray for dust mites and flea larvae; a treatment for attic insulation; a general pest prevention for new construction; a application into refuse containers, sewers, floor drains, and manhole covers and cavities; a treatment in poultry production facilities; and as a mop solution for small flies.

NiBor-D Insecticide can be used responsibly as part of a Green Pest Management program.

Sizes available: 5 lb, 15 lb and box of 10 x 8 oz packets 

Box of 10 packets - Each packet is a convenient 8 oz SINGLE USE packet.  Use the following rates for the desired solution. 

1 packet per gallon for a 5% solution

2 packets per gallon for a 10% solution

3 packets per gallon for a 15% solution

There is no known resistance to NiBor-D Insecticide.

Storm and Water Damage Steps

STEP 1: As a dust, apply Nibor-D in drains, sewers, wall voids, attics, and debris fields.

STEP 2: As a liquid spray, apply Nibor-D in drains or on perimeter walls on the outside of a structure.

STEP 3: As a mop solution, add Nibor-D to your mop water to leave residual insecticide.

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Most Helpful Q&A's

04/12/2014 Mike from Maryland

QWill this kill carpenter ants only on contact or carry back to the colony for ultimate control? Thanks.

ANiBor-D Insecticide will be taken back to the colony as a food source producing a domino killing effect.

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06/12/2014 David from Indianapolis

QSo how does it kill?
When used as a spray for ant and Cockroach control, mixed with another product, say tempo SC ultra, how does it help kill the pest? Through ingestion or through picking it up on their bodies? Thank you!

ADisodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate is one of a family of borate compounds (containing boron and oxygen), which are considered absolutely toxic to insects. Borate compounds like Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate utilize a stop-feed mode of action. Stop-feed means that the active ingredient DOT disrupts the enzyme and digestive systems of the insect, preventing future digestion and causing death by starvation. This can happen by contact or ingestions when the insect grooms themselves.

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11/06/2015 Larry from Crockett, California

QCan Nibor-D be used for termite control under houses?
It has the same active ingredients as- borathor max pt - and this is used for termite control.


Nibor-D cannot and should not be used for any form of termite control. While it may be the same ingredient name it is not the same fomulation. Depending on the type of termites you are trying to do prevention of would depend on the proper product for your needs. Timbor or Boracare that are also made by Nisus would be your best options for a raw wood treatment product. If you are looking to treat soil you would need to use something like Termidor SC which will last 10 years in the soil. You can review all of our termite treatment and prevention information as well as how to videos and guides to help you make the best decision on what product you should use for your home.

Termite Treatment and Prevention Guide

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01/11/2016 Ronald from Houston, Tx

QIs NiBor-D safe to use in the kitchen area around food items?


No, Nibor-D Insecticide should be used inside of wall voids and other hard to reach places. It is not labeled to be used in a kitchen on the open surfaces such as countertops.

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09/01/2013 Jamie from Rtp, Nc

QEffectiveness of Boric Acid
What makes NiBor-D more effective than other boric acids (i.e. Borid, Harris, Eaton) Can't all boric acid insect powders be used as a wet solution? And can boric acid solution be used with an IGR? Will it provide residual effect or just contact? Thanks

AWe are unfamiliar with the other borid dusts so we are not sure how they can be applied. All boric acids work by ingestiuon and can take around 14 days to start working. Borci Acids can be used with IGRs when needed. Boric acid dusts will last until they are removed or covered with other debris.

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Most Recent Customer Questions

01/23/2018 Chad from Pahoa, Hi

QCan we use Nibor-D in our mop water to help control roaches & centipedes?
I work in a kitchen.


Yes,†NiBor-D Insecticide†can be added to mop solutions and offers a residual insecticide. You will add 2.5 cups per gallon of water.† Per the product label, "It†is to be used as a supplemental treatment in conjunction with other pest management practices and may be reapplied as necessary. Apply only to floors by mopping. Allow the mop solution to penetrate into cracks and crevices in the tile or flooring and into crevice areas under equipment to affect possible hidden food sources and harborage areas that may contain small fly larva, including fruit fly and drain fly species and other insect pests. Remove or brush any powder visible after application into cracks and crevices. Avoid introducing the material into the air or onto any exposed surfaces other than the floor area. Avoid contaminating food or food processing surfaces. Do not apply when foods are exposed or facility is in operation. Do not contaminate feed and foodstuffs."

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09/23/2017 Mary from Va

QDo we apply NiBor-D Insecticide the same way that we used NiBan?
I read Nibor is specific to treat centipedes. Will it hurt lizards- skinks, frogs etc that live around the house? We have centipedes coming into our basement. We've used Niban sprinkled around the perimeter and it has helped.


NiBor-D Insecticide†can be applied as a dust, liquid spray or mop solution. For centipedes, we would recommend doing a light coating of dust in the areas where you have seen activity. This can be applied in the same areas Niban was used. This will not harm animals if used as directed. This product will eliminate an†amphibian's†food source so you will see a decrease in them.†

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08/28/2017 John from Mount Pleasant, Mi

QWill NiBor-D Insecticide stain wood?


NiBor-D Insecticide may leave a powdery white residue behind.†

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06/28/2017 Jeremy from Fairfield, Ca

QDoes the pail of NiBor-D Insecticide have oxygen eater packs?


NiBor-D Insecticide†does not have oxygen eater packs in the pail.

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06/07/2016 Kathy from Seattle, Wa

QCan I apply NiBor-D to carpets in my home to get rid of fleas?
Can it be used and left on for 24 hours to fight fleas?


NiBor-D Insecticide†is labeled to be applied to carpets for fleas and flea eggs. Be sure to clean and vacuum before application. You can let it sit and work for that 24 hours and then vacuum it up.

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05/06/2016 Te from Davie

QWhat are the mixing ratios for NiBor-D Insecticide in a compressed can sprayer?
I have a fly problem in my dumpster. I heard this product is very good for the problem. What are the mixing ratios in a compressed can sprayer


You will use 1 lb of Nibor D Insecticide per gallon of water. It is recommended that this be used in either a duster or a pump sprayer.†

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04/23/2016 Joel from Barbados

QWhat are the dimensions of the Nibor-D 5lb pail?
I am flying and need to know if it will fit in my suitcase.


The dimensions of†NiBor-D Insecticide†are 10" x 10" x 10".

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09/18/2015 Lee from Herron, Michigan

QIs NiBor-D Insecticide safe if earthworms are in the ground?
Also, as we are now inundated with the most cluster flies we've ever seen, when would be the best time to spread this to keep next year from being so bad?


NiBor-D Insecticide can potentially harm earthworms that come in contact with it. Late Summer would be the best time to treat for Cluster Flies as they are the worst in the beginning of Fall. 

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06/14/2015 Shawn

QHow long does NiBor-D Insecticide last in cracks and crevices?

ANiBor-D Insecticide will last until they are removed or covered with other debris.

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06/14/2015 Shawn

QWhat offers the best in dusting capabilities, Nibor-D or CimeXa dust?

ANibor-D will last until they are removed or covered with other debris. CimeXa Dust will last for 10 years left undisturbed in the wall voids. Both are great dust options. Please let us know what you are treating and where for more information on which one will be the best choice for your needs. We are always happy to help!

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