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How to Inspect for Oxalis on Your Lawn

By DoMyOwn staff

Learn the Growing Conditions for Oxalis

Oxalis flowering weeds

After reviewing our Oxalis Identification Guide, you should be able to spot it easily if the weed is present on your property. Let's talk about where you are likely to find oxalis weeds growing.

When Am I Likely to Find Oxalis Weeds?

Oxalis will flower mostly in the summer, but can remain in bloom for most of the year if the conditions are right. During the warm months when the colorful woodsorrel flowers appear, these low-growing weeds will also generate plentiful seeds, spreading the plants to nearby areas in addition to its spread by branching rhizomes.

Where Does Oxalis Grow Best?

Oxalis weeds, also known as woodsorrels, can grow easily in a variety of spaces, especially in the southeastern United States. These perennial weeds often appear in landscaped areas among ornamentals, shrubs, and flowers, in vegetable gardens, and sometimes in lawns.

Yellow wood sorrel and other weeds in this family are versatile and can flourish in various conditions, but grow best in areas that receive full sunlight and maintain good moisture and fertilizer levels in the soil.

Oxalis Control Products

Worried about oxalis weeds sneaking in? Read our how to prevent oxalis guide for more information on how and when to apply these oxalis weed preventers to your lawn.

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