Plant Growth Regulators

Plant growth regulators can be added to your turf control certain aspects of natural growth. Plant growth regulators used on grass are most commonly used to reduce the growth rate of your grass. By slowing the growth of your grass, you will reduce the need to cut the grass as frequently as you would without the regulator.

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A professional plant growth regulator is a micro-emulsion concentrate that is designed for effective growth management of turf-grasses.
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A professional and highly effective plant growth regulator for cool and warm-season turfgrasses that provides excellent stress tolerance, increases turf density and enhances lateral growth.
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A professional growth regulator that improves the quality and stress tolerance, and edging of warm and cool-season turf-grasses. Generic for Primo MAXX.
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A professional plant growth regulator that is effective in slowing down the growth of commercial cool and warm-season turf-grass to reduce the mowing and trimming frequency.
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A professional liquid turf growth regulator that controls growth and reduces trimming requirements of perennial turf-grass.
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Specially formulated for excellent turf growth management to help reduce the frequency of mowing and the amount of grass clippings.
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A professional plant growth regulator that keeps non-residential turf-grass from growing for up to 2 months, and for ornamentals and trees.
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A professional growth regulator used to manage the growth of cool and warm-season turf-grasses that will reduce clippings and increase turf density.
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A plant growth regulator slows down the growth of unwanted weeds in turfgrasses and increases density and appearance.
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A professionally formulated plant growth regulator that slows down the growth of non-residential turfgrass for up to two months after application.

Plant Growth Regulators for Turf & Lawn

Plant growth regulators use certain chemicals to alter the growth process of grass. It can disrupt certain cell growth to reduce elongation, so grass cannot grow as tall as it would without the added chemical. These products are often used in commercial situations to reduce labor in cutting the grass and dealing with the grass clippings, but they can be useful for a home lawn as well.  

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When choosing a plant growth regulator for your grass, read the label carefully to make sure the product can be used on your specific type of grass. Some products can be used on all types, while others may be formulated for certain grass types. Pay close attention to application instructions, because timing of the product is important in successfully inhibiting turf growth.

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