Plant Supplements

Plant supplements contain nutrients and minerals that can produce specific results in your turf. They are different than fertilizers, because they are intended to add nutrients that may not be present in a basic fertilizer, or have a higher concentration of a single nutrient that goes beyond the duties of a basic fertilizer application. 

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A chelated nutritional spray formulated to correct iron deficiency (yellowing of foliage) and other nutrient deficiencies.
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A plant supplement and stimulant that revitalizes all types of plants for building a strong root base, flower blooms, fruit and vegetable production and reduces transplant shock.
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Highly effective plant food that is specifically formulated to control, treat, and prevent minor deficiencies on foliage and provides elements for the healthy growth of plants.
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A plant supplement that turns plants from yellow to green and promotes a darker green color on lawns, ornamental trees and shrubs.
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A plant nutrient supplement with manure extract, humic acids, iron, and surfactants to maximize the nutrients of plants.

Plant Supplements for Turf & Lawn

Adding a plant supplement can help your lawn to grow and look the way you envision it, giving you a bit of control over the way it grows and thrives.  For example, adding iron to your lawn will help stop chlorosis, or yellowing, and let it green up. You can also add products like aluminum sulphate or lime to alter the pH of your soil, which can be helpful if your soil test report gives you an imbalanced pH result.

Make sure the plant supplement you’ve chosen for your turf will help you to achieve the results you want, and are safe for your lawn. Always follow application instructions carefully.

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