Poa Constrictor Herbicide

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Poa Constrictor Herbicide

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5

1 Review | 15 Q&A

Product Overview

Poa Constrictor Herbicide is formulated to provide selective control of tough and hard-to-kill annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. It has an added suppression on tough-to-control weeds. A reliable choice for application on ornamental turf areas, including but not limited to sod farms, cemeteries, parks, residential lawns, and commercial lawns. This formulation is most effective on annual bluegrass (poa annual), black nightshade, barnyardgrass, chickweed, crabgrass, pigweed, lambsquarters, and purslane.

Available Sizes:

  • Poa Constrictor Herbicide – .75 oz *This size has been discontinued.
  • Poa Constrictor Herbicide – Gallon

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Ethofumesate - 42%
Target pests Barnyardgrass, bluegrass, burclover, canarygrass, clover, crabgrass, foxtail, nutsedge, pigweed, and purslane.
For use in Ornamental turf areas, such as sod farms, parks, cemeteries, and residential or commercial lawns.
Application Use standard, low-pressure (20 to 50 psi) spray equipment.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Formulation Professional Product
Shipping Weight 9.00 lbs
Manufacturer United Phosphorus Inc. (Mfg. Number: 807755)
EPA Registration 70506-107



Barnyardgrass, Bluegrass (annual), Canarygrass, Crabgrass (large, smooth), Foxtail (green, yellow), Chickweed (common), Clover (white), Burclover, Purslane (common), Pigweed (redroot). 


Nutsedge (purple, yellow)

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    Advanced Lawn Owner

    By Greg on 03/20/2020

    I've managed hybrid Bermudas and hybrid Blue Grass. I highly recommend Poa Constrictor. Of course, like any weed it's prudent to prevent rather than teat to "kill." But annual Blue Grass has a way of hiding in the soil for years without germinating, coming up in the Spring without treatment in the Fall. For those of you "forgot" to teat in the Fall, kill with this chemical as soon as you see it's ugly sprouts. Not hard to miss in the Spring...it looks "great." Dark green, seed-heads and ready to kill out when you Blue Grass looks great. Been there too many times. PREVENT...and you don't need to use Poa Constrictor. I'm in Kentucky now with Spring Soil Temperatures at 55 degrees. I'm using Poa Constrictor...see what I mean? Greg

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Questions & Answers

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I sprayed Poa Constrictor when can I water my lawn?

After applying Poa Constrictor Herbicide we do recommend waiting at least 24 hours before watering or irrigation for best results.

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Can Poa constrictor be applied at the same time of seeding Kentucky Bluegrass?

Poa Constrictor Herbicide per product label can be applied at same time as Tall Fescue overseeding. 

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Does Poa Constrictor Herbicide require a surfactant?

The Poa Constrictor product label does not state that a surfactant/crop oil/adjuvant is needed so you would not need to add anything. 

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Annual Rate of Poa Constrictor Herbicide

What is the annual rate (oz) for this product? Will be used for TTTF.


Poa Constrictor Herbicide does not give a max annual rate on the product label, it only lists that you can apply 2-3 times at 21-28 day intervals.  The rate to use is 24-48 oz per acre or ¾ – 1/12 flo oz per 1000 sqft.  The specific instructions for Turf Type Tall Fescue are as follows: Make applications in the fall.  If overseeding with TTTF, application may be done at the same time as seeding.  

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Can you tank mix Poa Constrictor with Tenacity for better Poa Annua control?

Tenacity is only labeled to suppress poa annua when applied as a pre-emergent application.  It would not be tank mixed with Poa Constrictor Herbicide as a post emergent application for control of it.

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Poa Constrictor Herbicide 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (1 Reviews / 15 Q&A)

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