ProVerde Dust Insecticide

ProVerde Dust Insecticide

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Product Overview

The ProVerde Dust Insecticide is specially formulated to help control flying and crawling insect pests like cockroaches, ants, crickets, fleas, spiders, wasps and more. It features a dust formulation which effectively kills insects on contact and it is based on natural ingredients so it is safe to use around pets and children. It is labeled for use as an indoor and outdoor dust insecticide and it may be applied in and around apartments, homes, residential, offices, commercial and institutional establishments, including sensitive environments such as schools, kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes and more. The product is available in a 1 lb. (454 grams) bottle and it provides up to 30 days of control.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Thyme Oil: 4.1%
Target pests Cockroaches (including both resistant and nonresistant strains), ants, fleas, crickets, spiders, silverfish, wasps, and other crawling and flying insects.
For use in In and around residential and commercial/industrial structures such as apartments, homes, hotels, resorts, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, restaurants, kitchens, and other areas of human habitation or activity.
Pet safe Yes, if followed by directions on label
Shipping Weight 1.13 lbs
Manufacturer Amvac (Mfg. Number: 13924)



Read entire label prior to use and use product as directed. Product may be applied directly or with a manual or power duster. The amount of product to be applied will vary with the site but should usually be in the range of 12-45 oz. per 100 square feet. For heavy infestations or for use on spiders or larger insects such as American cockroaches, the 45 oz. rate is recommended. Store sealed product in a dry area between uses.

FOR INDOOR USE: Apply to wall voids, cracks and crevices where insects harbor, including, but not limited to: behind backsplashes, baseboards and under carpet tack strips. Prior to use, test a small inconspicuous area for possible staining.

COCKROACHES: Apply to wall voids cracks and crevices where cockroaches may be harboring. Dust will kill those cockroaches that are directly contacted and those that enter the area after application.

ANTS: Apply directly to ant trails or to nesting sites. Carpenter ants may nest in areas associated with excess moisture or leaks within the structure. Inspect and locate such areas where nests and ant activity is suspected. It may become necessary to drill holes in order to treat into hidden void areas where ants may harbor, nest or travel.

FOOD AREAS AND FOOD HANDLING: Apply product directly into voids in food preparation areas such as walls, floorboards, under and around appliances, waste disposal areas and any other area where insects may be hiding or harboring. For use on non-food contact surfaces. If incidental contact occurs, clean up thoroughly.

FOR OUTDOOR USE: For control of crawling pests that enter structures from outdoor areas, apply along edges of patios, cracks or expansion joints in or along foundations or pavement, driveways, porches, doorways (to include French and sliding glass doors), window sills and weep holes. Dust may also be applied in those areas where pests harbor around the structure to include under doormats, under and around potted plants, patio furniture, columns, eaves and soffits. For best results, apply directly to insects. Re-apply as needed or if dust becomes wet.

STINGING INSECTS: Stinging insects may be killed using this product. Care should be taken when attempting to kill these insects. The applicator may wish to consider the use of an aerosol contact kill product such as ProVerde Wasp and Hornet Killer. For optimal results, application should be made during dawn or dust when insect activity is low and colony members are present within the nest. Using a hand or powered duster, apply dust directly into the nest entrance or to the void area where stinging insects have colonized. Care should be taken to inspect and locate all nest entry areas. It may be necessary to create application access by drilling holes where suitable. Follow up to check for complete control of nest after 24 to 48 hours. Note that nests may be located either indoors or outdoors.

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