Southern Athletic Field Mule Mix 816 Conditioner


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Southern Athletic Field Mule Mix 816 Conditioner bag (50 lb)

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Southern Athletic Field Mule Mix 816 Conditioner

Southern Athletic Field Mule Mix 816 Conditioner 50lb (MM816 – 1000) is a great clay conditioner that absorbs moisture but reduces compaction of infield mix. This product can be used as an everyday topdressing material for infields. This conditioner makes an ideal amount of fluff for the field, making it firm and perfect to use for different applications. It's baked at 1200-1400 degrees.

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02/09/2017 Jimmy from Benton, Tn

QWhen does Southern Athletic Field Mule Mix 816 Conditioner need to be applied ? Just before dragging or pencil dragging field ?
How often should the conditioner be applied and are there certain areas of the infield that need more than others ? Such as batter boxes , etc .


Southern Athletic Field Mule Mix 816 Conditioner can be applied anytime after the field has been graded. Just add as needed to have the right amount (customer preference or 1/8”-1/4” is a good even coverage). When there is a heavy rain and need to get more on the field then you can add some at that time to be able to get more material to absorb water. Using a nail drag (pencil drag) will turn the clay and conditioner over to allow for the sun/wind to hit it better and the field to dry out when it is too wet to play. If there is enough material on the field then it will take a little time to dry but that is normal practice in being able to use it that way.  If you have a wet area that needs to be dried out quicker then you would use more in that area for the time being and then spread it out later with the drag or a rake and even it back out. As far as how often, that will depend on how you like the coverage of the conditioner. The manufacturer typically suggesst to have anywhere from 60-80 bags on a baseball field and 80-120 bags on a softball field  at all times for it to be about the right amount of coverage. Again, a lot of this depends on your preference as well.

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