Sprint 330 Chelated Iron 10%

Sprint 330 Chelated Iron 10%
Sprint 330 Chelated Iron 10%

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Product Overview

Sprint 330 Chelated Iron 10% is a fully chelated DTPA Iron and a water-soluble manganese combination that is effective in correcting iron deficiency in slightly acid to slightly alkaline soils, as well as soils with a pH of up to 7.5. It helps prevent Iron from binding with other compounds in the soil so it can stay in form to ensure improved health and quality of plants. It can be used in nurseries, gardens, landscape plantings, and turf through soil application or foliar spray.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Iron - 10%
For use in Nurseries, Gardens, Landscape Plantings and Turf-grass
Application Soil application or as a foliar spray
Shipping Weight 5.42 lbs
Manufacturer BASF (Mfg. Number: BUI/SPRINT330/BG06)
UPC 804338144043
EPA Registration EXEMPT



Sprint iron chelate products are effective when directed to the root zone in soil applications, and may be incorporated mechanically or through rainfall, irrigation, soil drench or deep root feeding.

With foliar applications, a thorough cover spray to plant foliage generally provides best results. In most situations, a spray adjuvant may be added up to 0.5% by volume to ensure uniform coverage. As a general rule, Sprint iron chelate products should not be mixed with crop oil concentrates.

Sprint iron chelate products offer flexibility when tank-mixing with plant growth regulators (PGRs), as well as fertilizers that contain phosphorus or slow release nitrogen. For turf, Sprint 330 iron chelate can be tank-mixed with PGRs such as Primo Maxx. (Refer to Primo Maxx or other PGR labels for specific use directions.)

Formulated as wettable powders, Sprint iron chelate products should be thoroughly mixed. If spray tank agitation is limited, premix Sprint iron chelate products in a pail until dissolved and add to the spray tank solution. Do not pre-mix Sprint iron chelate products with pesticide or fertilizer concentrates.

For use in a greenhouse irrigation system, to achieve a rate of 4 ounces Sprint per 100 gallons water, mix a concentrate stock solution consisting of 4 ounces Sprint per gallon of water. Set injector ratio to 1:100 and pump from the concentrate stock solution.

This is intended as a general guide only. Before using Sprint iron chelate products, consult the product label for specific application directions.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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Need a good chelated iron. Which is better Sprint 138 Chelated Iron or Sprint 330 Chelated Iron 10%?

What is the difference between Sprint 138 and Sprint 330?


There are distinct differences in the active ingredients and percentages between the Sprint 138 Chelated Iron and the Sprint 330 Chelated Iron. You can use the compare tool on our site, or follow THIS LINK to see them compared side by side. The Sprint 330 contains 7% Nitrogen and 10% Iron, whereas the Sprint 138 contains 4% Nitrogen and 6% Iron. The higher percentages will give a deeper green and more growth to the lawn than the lower percentages. 

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Is Sprint 330 Chelated Iron 10% the amount considered too much for lawns?

How long does this last before applying again?


Sprint 330 Chelated Iron 10% is labeled for use in turfgrass. Repeat application timing will depend on your application and how it is applied. Please be sure to review the product label for more information an complete application instructions.

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How often can Sprint 330 be applied in the spring for maple trees in soils 7. And above?

Maple trees are a problem in our area with iron uptake


Typically chelated iron like Sprint 330 Chelated Iron 10% can be applied once during the spring. We suggest contacting your local cooperative extension office for assistance with how often to apply this product for your circumstance. 

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