Reliable Steamboy Pro 300CU


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Reliable Steamboy Pro 300CU

The Steamboy Pro 300CU previously known as the Steamboy PRO T3 steam floor steamer and scrubber by Reliable, loosens and removes tough dirt. It clean floors and carpets with high temperature vapor steam and heavy duty scrubbing bristles. Just by adding water, you have the power of steam for the ‘health’ of your home. You can simultaneously steam and scrub tile floors and grout lines. There is no need to soften spills that have hardened by soaking or spraying chemical cleaners. Having a 248 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius) steam vapor, the dirt is dissolved quickly and wiped away with one easy motion.

Powerful Scrubber - Heavy-Duty Scrubber brush makes floor tile and grout like new!

180 Degree Swivel Head - Swivel steam and scrubber head allows easy access to difficult to reach areas.

Foot Release - Easy press foot release button to switch between scrubber and steamer

Carpet Sanitizing - Click on the carpet Glide to steam carpets and area rugs

Why should I use steam instead of using cleaning products?
Steam will restore dirty tile and grout, and out of the way spots that most people dread to even consider... but more on the power of steam later. There are other reasons – health reasons – you need to hear.

Let's equate the use of infant skin care products with the use of solvents around the home. The health-wise maxim is to avoid applying anything on baby's skin that the wee one shouldn't ingest. Now take that concept and think about how your body comes in contact with chemicals that are used on the surfaces around your home: furniture polish lingering on the dining room table, floor cleaner residue that attaches itself to bare feet, the ammonia used throughout the bathroom. So, would you rather absorb these nasty chemicals or have contact with the only thing a steam cleaner needs to operate – clean water?

No more cleaning products
If keeping your family chemical-free is not enough to convert you to the virtues of steam cleaning, think about your shrinking shopping list. After your initial investment in a Reliable steam cleaner, there will no longer be a need to buy cleaning products that line the shelves or cabinets in your home.

So how does pressurized steam work as an everyday cleaner?
When steam is forced onto a surface, the very small vapor molecules are able to penetrate the pores. The vapor molecules, when coming into contact with the cool surface of the pores, quickly and powerfully expand and force out all dirt, grease, detergents, bacteria and basically any particles that don't naturally belong on the surface. The added bonus is the heat of the vapor molecules, which kills bacteria and other pathogens like molds, fleas, flea eggs and dust mites. The result is a surface that is sanitized, deodorized and hypoallergenic.

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