Summit Biological Caterpillar and Webworm Control Concentrate

Summit Biological Caterpillar and Webworm Control Concentrate

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Product Overview

Summit Biological Caterpillar and Webworm Control is an all-natural herbicide that controls webworms and caterpillars. Contains an active ingredient which effectively targets and kills these pests but does not harm beneficial insects, birds, or earthworms. It is an excellent alternative to chemical insecticides because it provides the same effect using organic ingredients. It is safe to apply on fruits, vegetables, and other edible plants since it is OMRI listed and it is approved for organic gardening. Kills caterpillars and webworms when they ingest treated foliage by inhibiting feeding until pests die of starvation. It controls leaf-feeding caterpillars like cabbage loppers, bagworms, gypsy moths, fall webworms, and tent caterpillars. Best applied when caterpillars and worms are first noticed.  Reapply after heavy rain. Repeat application at five to seven-day intervals as needed.  Apply at the rate of 4 teaspoons per gallon of water.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki (Btk) - 98.35%
Target pests Tent caterpillar, tomato hornworm, gypsy moth, fall webworm, bagworm, and worm stage insects.
For use in Fruits and vegetables, ornamentals and trees.
Application Apply Summit Biological Caterpillar & Webworm Control when worms or caterpillars are first noticed, then repeat at five (5) to seven (7) day intervals while they are active. Apply more frequently to control heavy infestations. Apply thoroughly to top and bottom of foliage. Reapply after heavy rains.
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed.
Special Features OMRI listed and approved for organic gardening.
Shipping Weight 2.33 lbs
Manufacturer Summit Agro USA LLC (Mfg. Number: 021-6)



  • Biological control for destructive caterpillar pests
  • Will not harm birds, earthworms, or beneficial insects such as honeybees and ladybugs OMRI listed and approved for use in organic gardening
  • May be used on edible plants, fruits, and vegetables up to day of harvest
  • Same active ingredient as Dipel and Thuricide

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