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Trappit Fly Bag bag

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Trappit Fly Bag

Previously known as Suterra Trappit Fly Bag. Trappit Fly Bag is highly effective, safe and easy to use fly control system. Trappit Fly Bag is a new product for 2013 based on the highly successful Trappit Wasp Bag. The Trappit fly bag comes pre-bated with a powerful-water soluble fly-attractant effective in drawing flies away from areas such as gardens, restaurants and general communal areas.

Simply hang in a location that is away from people (e.g. the furthest corner of a garden) and leave for 4-6 weeks or until the bag is completely full of dead flies. In hotter seasons, water can be added to the bag if it becomes dry to re-activate the ingredient. Once full, screw the top closed and dispose of in the ordinary waste disposal.

The innovative entry system means escape is virtually impossible once inside. Trappit Fly Bags are not attractive to bees thus protecting important pollinators.

Each trap has a colorful print, which hides the dead insects within. Instructions for use are printed in in six languages. For each bag, use 500ml of tap water and hang.

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07/25/2015 Geraud

QCan Trappit Fly Bag be used indoors?
Can this product be used indoors, in a kitchen environment? It's not the most aesthetic, but is it safe inside?


The Trappit Fly Bag and similar fly traps should not be used indoors. This trap has a strong odor and will attract flies from far away. For indoor use in an area such as a home kitchen, we recommend the FlyWeb Fly Light, which plugs into a standard outlet and traps insect with a UV light and glue board. Please see our Fly Pest Guide for more information about treating for this pest.

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