TrueTech 1000 Foamer 1 Gallon (TT1000)


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TrueTech 1000 Foamer 1 Gallon (TT1000)

TrueTech 1000 Foamer 1 gallon (TT1000) is a high-quality compressed air sprayer and foamer specially created to provide effective application and treatment options for your pest control problems. It allows you to choose from dry or wet foam and liquid applications. It features a 1-gallon capacity tank and one palm gun with a 60-inch connection. It also comes with 1 screen-check valve for liquid, 2 liquid tips, 3 foam tips, and 1 extension wand that measures 24-44 inches.


  • Foam treats the area (voids of all types) where dirt, bacteria and insects live.
  • Foam reduces water usage: foam expands water by 6 to 18 times.
  • Foam increases surface contact time for superior coverage and reduces liquid runoff.
  • Foam provides deeper penetration into surfaces by reducing surface tension.
  • Foam helps in removing grease and dirt.

Chemical mixture must contain ProFoam Platinum foaming agent to complete this feature.

  • Dry Foam applications for all gallery and void areas where insects live; use for drain treatments
  • Wet Foam for below-grade our under-slab areas where ants, small flies and other insects live
  • Liquid interior and exterior applications

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    5 of 5 stars  Sprayer / Foamer
    By Ann in Orlando, FL on 03/10/2016

    Wow! Very efficient sprayer. I bought this to give myself an all inclusive tool with options to spray or foam. It changes over instantly from spraying to wet or dry foam. It also came with tips and a wand that extends up to 4'. Great piece of equipment!

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    5 of 5 stars  Great tool for termites
    By Robert in INDIO on 03/27/2017

    If you are looking to take care of a termite issue without calling a professional you want to pick up one of these or in the 2-gallon, if they have it with the electric pump cart. It works great. Speaking as a branch (2 & 3) field rep I use one of these at the company I work for, so it is pro-grade. You can even use it for injecting into concrete slabs if you drill holes with a 1/4 inch bit.

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