Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro - Holdfast (12 pack)

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Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro - Holdfast (12 pack)

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4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.3

56 Reviews | 4 Q&A

Product Overview

The Victor M325 Holdfast mouse trap is a "traditional" mouse trap with a little something extra. The original wood-based wire snap trap now has a large scented plastic trip pedal. No need to bait with a cheese scent made right on the trip pedal! The Victor M325 mouse trap is made with FSC certified wood. Trap measures 4"L x 1 3/4"W.

Features and Specs

Target pests Mice
For use in Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings
Application Should be placed where rodents travel, such as along walls at 2 to 3 foot intervals
Pet safe Safe to use, but should be used in places not readily accessible to pets and children to prevent tampering.
Dimensions 4 in. L x 1 3/4 in. W
Material / Construction Wood-based wire snap trap with plastic trip pedal
Special Features constructed from environmentally responsible, Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, comes pre-baited with a large, scented plastic swiss cheese trip pedal that is easily activated
Shipping Weight 0.65 lbs
Manufacturer Victor (Mfg. Number: M325)
UPC 050428120446


These Victor snap traps have a plastic trigger that resembles bait, are easier to set then normal traps, and also have a sensitivity setting that will prevent the trap from snapping due to vibrations in the environment, such as those caused by heavy machinery. Victor snap traps work very well and kill mice instantly. If you do choose to use a bait, snap traps work best when baited with sticky bait (i.e. peanut butter). 12 traps.

1. Pull the bow (the spring loaded part) back, holding it down with the thumb of one hand.
2. With your other hand, take the locking bar (the long arm with the curve >in the end that is attached to the back of the trap) and lay it in the center of the spring. Make sure that the curved or cupped part faces downward.
3. Begin to tilt the cheese pedal upward. As you do, you'll notice that the tip the locking bar will engage inside a little box-like opening on the back of the cheese pedal.
4. Slowly release your grip on the bow, the force of which should hold the locking bar inside that little box on the pedal. The trap is now set.
5. There is an "S" and an "F" imprinted on the pedal itself. If you wish the trap to be more sensitive, position the locking bar towards the "S" side of the little box by sliding it that direction. "F" stands for firm (less sensitive).

How to Use Snap Traps Effectively:
Most trapping efforts fail because too few mouse traps or rat traps are used. You'll probably need more traps then you think. Set enough traps to kill most of the population before the rodents begin to shy away from the traps. We recommend placing the traps every 2-3 feet along a wall, with the trap placed perpindicular to the wall. Rodents enter a home through holes the size of a dime and run along walls, not over open spaces.
1. Place traps perpendicular to the wall.
2. Place traps out unset, without bait, for a few days (even 1-2 weeks) so rodents can become familiar with them.
3. Place traps where rodent activity is seen (sign of chewing, droppings, runway, burrow).
4. Leave traps undisturbed for at least two days before moving to a new location.
5. Check traps daily and replace as needed.
6. Wear gloves when disposing of rodent.

Baits: These baits are favorites for mice and rats:

Mouse Bait: Peanut Butter, Cheese, Oats, Nesting Materials, Chocolate, Water (for live catch)

Rat Bait: Peanut Butter, Bacon, Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Meats, Acorns (Wood Rat)

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Best Traps Ever

    By Willie on 11/11/2010

    First the bad news. Although the traps were received promptly, they came loosely packed in a box and instead of a case of 72 traps, only 71 were received. I also purchased the Provoke Mouse Attractant which was included in the same box. We had been hearing mice and occasionally I would catch one but I knew they were still there. I had been using other brands and models of traps previously and was becoming frustrated when I found my pecan butter bait missing but the traps unsprung. The first day I set out 5 Victor M325 traps using the Provoke and Pecan Butter. The Provoke goes into a little indentation on the top of the trap and I pushed the pecan butter up through the bottom of the “V” cutout. The next morning, I had 4 dead mice. I replaced the 4 traps with new traps and the following morning I had 2 more mice. Then 1 more on 4 subsequent days until I had caught 10 mice altogether. Then no mice for about a week followed by one additional victim. My wife and I had no idea that we had so many mice. These traps are the best mouse catchers that I have come across. I set all the traps for maximum sensitivity and none of the traps have had the bait taken without catching the culprit. I don’t know if the Provoke makes the traps more effective, but it seems worth the small added cost. Victor M325 traps get my unqualified recommendation.

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    Victor Mouse Trap

    By Jr on 03/14/2010

    This is probably the worst mouse trap I've ever used. Not hard to set but is not sensitive enough to catch a mouse. Does not work, baited or unbaited. When baited the mouse gets the bait every time and does not trip the trap. A total waste of money in my opinion.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Worth buying

    By Jess on 11/03/2011

    I thought the old style Victor traps were better than these and bought a case of the old style. Well, I hate to go back on a previous review but these M325 traps have their time and place too. I've had problems recently with "smart" mice licking the peanut butter off of the 040 traps' metal triggers and the yellow 325 traps will nail them when you place the peanut butter in the bait cup and set the trigger so that the rod JUST BARELY will hold the trigger set. Use the most sensitive setting possible. Smart mice (I think) have more of a tendency to rest their paws on the trigger of this trap since it is larger and, even if unbaited, they apparently will step on the trigger if the trap is placed at a right angle to the wall. (trigger facing wall) Bottom line. Use BOTH styles of traps. I'm going to get a case of this new style. And, most of the time, the old style is great too. Hey! Maybe Domyownpestcontrol could offer a mixed case of 50/50 of each type?

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Victor Mouse Trap M325

    By Ken on 05/12/2010

    I have used these traps many years, but I was only able to get 2 or 3 at a time from the local hardware store. When I found and that I could get a box of 72 I bought them, I didn't want to go looking for them again. These traps set very easy and trip with the slightest touch you only bait the trap once and catch many mice. The mice can't get to the bait cup without setting off the trap, NO licked clean traps. The best trap around.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars


    By Rick on 01/22/2008

    The Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro is great! We live in a new development, so there are obviously fields nearby that have mice living in them. They come to get warm in the winter and they don't leave...alive! We get them right away as they come in through the garage and there is no sign of an infestation.

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Questions & Answers

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How much force does an average Victor Mouse Trap generate?
The amount of force generated by the Victor Mouse Trap M325 is proprietary information that the manufacturer will not share. We will assure you though, that the force is definitely sufficient to kill small rodents.

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Do you have the "old" style snap trap with the plain trigger?

Can I get your mouse trap the way they use to be made with a wooden & metal bait trip? If so, what is the cost for this product?

Yes. The model you are looking for is the Victor Mouse Snap Trap M040. Please click on the link for pricing.

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How many newtons of force does the Victor Mouse Trap M325 generate?
We have no idea how many newtons of force the Victor Mouse Trap M325 generates, but its definitely enough to kill a rodent.  That sounds like a good question for the manufacturer. The manufacturer is Victor and there number is toll free 800-800-1819.

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How much force does it take to trigger a mousetrap?
We are not sure how much force it takes as far as a measurement.  We recommend calling the manufacturer for this.  However, the traps are very sensitive and it does not take hardly any trying to set them off, at least from our experience.

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Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro - Holdfast (12 pack) 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.3 (56 Reviews / 4 Q&A)

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