Wasp Bait

Wasp bait can be a powerful tool in wasp control. Wasp baits draw wasps to traps, luring them from frequently used areas, like patios, backyards, picnic areas, restaurants, and more. Wasp baits are easy to use, and we have what you need to get rid of wasps and protect people from these stinging insects. 

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A specially designed hanging station that uses standard 16 oz. cup for trapping and baiting flying insects such as flies, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, flies, and other flying insects.
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A 16 oz. liquid bait that is designed to lure small flies, fruit flies, drain flies, phorid flies, European hornets and yellow jackets.

About Wasp Baits

Wasp baits are most effective at the end of the summer season, when wasps’ natural preferred food sources are becoming scarce and they are on the hunt for alternative food.

Some bait products are an attractant poison food source that the wasps find and then take back to the nest, where the poisoned food is shared, and eventually the whole colony is affected. This can take weeks to fully take effect but will eradicate the colony.

Other bait products are food attractants that designed to be put into a trap. The wasps fly into the trap and are unable to escape. The lure in the bait product is powerful and draws wasps from the area into the traps and away from areas of human activity.

How To Use Wasp Baits

Baiting is most useful to draw wasps away from areas of human activity. If the wasp population is particularly high, baits may not be the best choice for long-term control as directly treating the nest. However, they are very easy and safe to use and we can help you successfully control wasps with wasp baits.

  • Read the label thoroughly to make sure wasps can be controlled with your chosen product.
  • Most baits need to be placed in a container. These traps should be placed in the shade, and the greatest concentration of the traps should be placed where the insect activity is highest.
  • Inspect traps regularly, and remove dead insects and refill the bait.
  • Liquid baits can be topped off with water if evaporation has lowered the bait level.
  • Wasp baits generally won’t attract beneficial bees.

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