Wasp Traps

Wasp traps are an effective wasp control tool that can help to eliminate these annoying, potentially harmful pests from commonly used and frequented spaces, allowing you to enjoy the warm weather without fear. Wasps, most unwanted for their stinging, can also become a big nuisance, especially in the summer months. Shop our wasp traps for faster control.

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A specially designed hanging station that uses standard 16 oz. cup for trapping and baiting flying insects such as flies, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, flies, and other flying insects.
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A permanent trap which features a chimney effect that is specially designed to lure and catch yellow jackets. Unique chimney effect.

Wasp Trap Basics

Wasp traps can work incredibly well when used properly. They’re not meant to eliminate colonies – look for our other wasp products to help you with that – but can help in getting rid of large numbers of wasps that are near your property. Here is some key information you’ll need to know when choosing or using wasp traps:

  • Lure traps are a popular choice. They consist of a container where the lure is placed, and have a lid that allows wasps in but not out.  The container will fill up with dead wasps and must be emptied.
  • The chemical lures used in wasp traps can be geared toward one kind of wasp, or can be formulated to capture several types, so make sure you are aware of what your trap and lure will attract before you set it up.
  • Foraging wasps, or wasps looking for food to take back to the colony, are the wasps you will find in your traps, as this is what the lure attracts. Queens or other members of social wasp colonies will not be lured to this trap.
  • Wasp traps are perfect to use near patios, picnic areas, concession stands, outdoor dining areas, dumpsters or garbage sites, and restaurants.

How To Use Wasp Traps

Trapping wasps is best for controlling nuisance wasps in specific areas they can cause problems. The great thing about using wasp traps to control a wasp problem is that they are readily available and easy to use. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Since most traps use a lure to attract wasps in the area, you do not want to place these traps too close to where people might be spending time.  In large areas, place traps roughly 200 feet away from the area you want to protect. In small spaces, make sure traps are as far away from the area as possible, at the edge of the property line.
  • Make sure the lure does not dry out in the trap, which can happen in hot weather. Just add a small amount of water to the trap to reactivate the lure.
  • Make sure you read all instructions and recommendations listed on the package, ensuring you have the right number of traps for the size of your property. Too many can attract too many wasps (from all around the area, not just in the immediate area), and too few might not be able to fully control your wasp problem.
  • Most traps can be used with different types of lures (wasp trap bait), and some can be used with baits, so just choose the best product for your needs.

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