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Product Overview

Weed Razer Pro blades are adjustable, allowing the customer to decide on the ideal cut width, based on their ability and or weed density. It provides customer with an effciant, environmentally friendly and cost effective method to remove undesirable aquatic vegetation from swimming areas, docks, etc. It comes with a sharpener. It can cut weeds from 12 inches to 62 inches, which makes it the perfect tool to cut any pond or lake weeds. This tool is perfect for removing milfoil, lily pads and cattails. This tool will cut through water weeds easily and fast.

Five steps:

  1. Toss it into the lake or pond
  2. Allow it to sink
  3. Pull it in
  4. Repeat
  5. Fold for easy storage

It weighs less than 9 pounds so it is light enough to toss around 30 feet or more and is also heavy enough to sink to the ground. This Weed Razer Pro will clear pathways up to 62'' wide with each single throw. It is able to cut in shallow or deep water and cuts at the base of the weeds. Resistance does not exist because this tool slices the weeds instead of dragging them.

Product Documents

Features and Specs

For use in Pond and lake weed cutter
Dimensions Blade - 32 inches / blade
After assembly 62 inches across
Handle - 65 inches
Rope - 25 ft
Total weight Less than 9 lbs / 3.7 kg
Parts Included Blade sharpener
Weed Deflector
25 feet of rope
Weed Razer Pro come pre assembled. The Weed Razer Pro has razor sharp blades. Always keep blade covers on when not in use.
Shipping Weight 10.69 lbs
Manufacturer Jenlis Inc. (Mfg. Number: WRZP10)
UPC 898189001228


Make sure to take out cut weeds from the water because decayed vegetation can cause growth.

Safety Instructions

1. The Weed Razer is to be operated by hand only. Do not pull the Weed Razer behind a boat, or any other machine driven equipment.

2. Do not use with children in immediate area.

3. Do not use the Weed Razer when humans and/or animals are present within 100 feet from the launch point.

4. Use protective gloves (thick leather gloves recommended) while handling the Weed Razer.

5. Do not place or use near electrical wires or cords.

6. Never touch the sharp edges of the blades with bare hands at any time.

7. Leave blade covers on the cutting edges when not in use.

8. Check all bolts, connections and rope before use.

9. Avoid areas with underwater structures.

10. When not in use, store in a safe location out of the reach of children.

NOTE: Failing to comply can result in severe lacerations, dismemberment or even death!

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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