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    Too expensive for what I got, nothing.

    By Bob on 10/22/2021

    I used this product on my neighbors lawn to kill nutsedge. After two applications some, not all of the nutsedge turned yellow and the lawn is still full of it. Not what you want when you pay this kind of money for a product

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Depending on the type of nutsedge you have it may take repeat applications to get control of, ie for purple nutsedge it is only labeled to suppress it and recommends Two applications of Blindside Herbicide 14 to 20 days apart may increase control over a single application.

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    Fantastic button weed control in bermuda grass, Louisiana

    By Lawrence on 10/28/2021

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    Sprayed my bermuda grass lawn as it had been taken over by button weed, at least 50% of the lawn was weeds. I used the high end mixture, using the handy measure cup....started seeing results in about a week and after 6 weeks the button weed is 100% gone with no effect on bermuda. First herbicide I have used that actually has a total kill. 10 stars!!

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Displaying 91 to 92 (of 92 reviews)