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    It's basically a broadleaf herbicide, not good for Crabgrass

    By Fltech on 08/13/2019

    It seems to do essentially the same thing as MSM turf. They need to advertise it as such. It mostly kills broadleaf weeds and a few other weeds. Don't expect it to do anything with your crabgrass (I tried, and it doesn't work on my large crabgrass in St Augustine, south Florida) contrary to some mis-info on the Internet. It just yellows it. It will kill your lawn before doing much damage to the crabgrass. If you want to kill crabgrass in St. Augustine the only option I have found appears to be Tenacity which has the downside of whitening parts of your lawn, but at least it kills the crabgrass. For northern grasses the only real crabgrass kill option appears to be Quinclorac.

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    Awaiting Results

    By William on 02/01/2013

    Verified Purchase

    I applied Celisus to my property on January 10 and again on January 25. The reason for the double application was the number of weeds that were on the property under the bushes. I made sure to follow the directions as to the amount to use and kept under the requirements. I think it is working but will not be sure until I have given it at least three weeks from the last application. I am hoping for the best!

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    Suspect Celcius Killed Palmetto

    By Andrew on 05/21/2019

    I've been using Celcius wg for the past 4 years on mt st augustine grass that has patches of palmetto and floratam. The first 2 years of use had great results. However the past 2 years I suspect celcius killed patches of the palmeto. I replaced a large section of palmeto killed by celcius last year. Then this year more of the remaining palmeto located around the fringes of that patch of palmeto that was replaced with floratam last year also died immediately after applying celcius. Yes, admittedly something else could be killing the palmetto, but celcius is suspect being that only the palmetto died after spraying both the floratam and palmetto on the same day, sametime and same mixture of celcius.

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    Don't use with prodiamine

    By Tom on 10/06/2020

    This is just an fyi- be careful with temps and Prodiamine. I used Celsius on St. Augustine for 3 types of Crabgrass, (at low rate). Then 1 week later used Prodiamine (at low rate) as pre-emergent. I'm in S. Florida and applied in evening once temp fell to 87 degrees and was low 80s overnight. Days do go over 90*. 2 weeks later turf is showing severe burning. I'm not sure which did it, but the heat and pre-m, I now have a problem. I'm really hoping it was the temperature. Label said apply

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    By Brandon on 11/12/2022

    I used Celsius twice this year (2022) on my common bermudagrass. Once in late August and once in late September. Probably too close together, but whatever. After the second application, the dallisgrass immediately seized to grow any further and started to slowly become discolored. It ultimately died off (so I thought) by mid-October. We got some late rain and warmer weather this fall and somehow it woke the dallisgrass back up and is thriving with the rest of the lawn. Very frustrating after spending the money. But I will say, it will absolutely suppress the growth of dallisgrass for the growing season. Good luck.

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    By Steven on 02/02/2024

    Applied Jan. 21, 2024. About 50% of lawn shows signs of yellowing weeds. Have 20 more days to see final results per instructions.

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