Fungicides for Turf & Lawns

Fungal diseases in lawns can damage or kill turf if left untreated. Our selection of lawn fungicides can prevent and stop the spread of disease thoughout your lawn. From brown patch to leaf spot, we have both liquid and granular fungicides to help your lawn fight disease.

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A systemic fungicide for lawns, flowers, rose bushes, shrubs and trees that controls many diseases for up 4 weeks.
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A granular fungicide that controls the most common diseases in established home lawns and ornamental turfs
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A multi-purpose Insecticide, Fungicide and Miticide for fruits and vegetables along with flowers, shrubs and turf-grass.

Fungicides for Turf and Lawns

Fungicides help to kill or inhibit fungal infections on plants, including turf grass. You can choose preventative fungicides, which help to prevent diseases from interrupting growth and development of your plants, or curative applications, which help to slow or stop the fungal disease including mildews, rusts, rot, and more.

A fungicide will help keep your lawns from succumbing from disease during the crucial beginnings of plant growth, will help keep fruit and vegetables produce more and reduce blemishes or marks, and even help prevent early spoilage after harvest.

In lawns, fungicides will help to cure or prevent fungal lawn diseases like anthracnose, dollar spot, leaf spot, etc.

Read labels carefully to ensure you’ve chosen a fungicide that will work to prevent or cure the specific type of fungus you want to control, or that the product was designed to be applied to a specific type of plant, fruit, vegetable, or grass.

Read our guide on how to use fungicides in the yard to learn more about selecting and applying fungicides for both preventative and curative control.

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