Gemini 3.7 SC Herbicide

Gemini 3.7 SC Herbicide
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Product Overview

Gemini 3.7 SC Herbicide(E95224) is a pre-emergent herbicide that effectively controls and suppresses more than 125 broadleaf weeds and annual grasses including chickweed, crabgrass, foxtail, annual bluegrass, oxalis, spurge, and more. It features a combination of two active ingredients: Prodiamine, which inhibits microtubule assembly during cell division, and Isoxaben, which helps disrupt cell wall development. This special liquid formulation helps control susceptible weeds by preventing the development and growth of newly germinated weeds. It is proven to be the most effective when it is activated by at least 0.5 in. of rainfall, irrigation, or shallow incorporation before weed seeds germinate, and within 14 days following application. It can be used in container nurseries, field-grown ornamentals, and Christmas tree farms, and may be applied over the top of several crops such as perennials, and shrubs. The Gemini 3.7 SC Herbicide comes in a 2.5-gallon jug.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Isoxaben 15.5%, Prodiamine 23.3%
Target pests Broadleaf and grassy weeds
For use in Container nurseries, field-grown ornamentals, and Christmas tree farms.
Application Apply Gemini 3.7 SC in a minimum of 20 gallons/acre (0.5 gallons /1,000 sq ft) of carrier (water) using an accurately calibrated, low-pressure sprayer with 50-mesh or coarser screens.
Pet safe Hazards to humans and domestic animals
Formulation Gemini 3.7 SC liquid herbicide contains the active ingredients Prodiamine and Isoxaben. Each gallon contains 3.7 pounds of active ingredient: (2.2 pounds Prodiamine per gallon + 1.5 pounds Isoxaben per gallon).
Dimensions 6.00 x 15.50 x 30.50
Color Yellow
Special Features It features a combination of two active ingredients: Prodiamine and Isoxaben which helps controls or suppresses the emergence of more than 125 broadleaf and grassy weeds.
Shipping Weight 25.00 lbs
Manufacturer Everris Na Inc. (Mfg. Number: E95224)
UPC 848264003104
EPA Registration 53883-325-58185


Uses and Application

Apply Gemini 3.7 SC in a minimum of 20 gallons/acre (0.5 gallons/1,000 sq ft) of carrier (water) using a calibrated, low-pressure sprayer with 50-mesh or coarser screens. A broadcast boom or handheld wand designed for herbicide or insecticide application will provide the best results. Select nozzle pressure and gallonage to provide complete coverage.

New Plantings, Replanting and Rotational Plantings

Rotate nursery areas treated with Gemini 3. 7 SC only to ornamental species listed on this label for 1 (one) year following application unless the following test has shown species safety:

  • Before planting a species not listed on this label, sow several test strips of an indicator plant such as wheat, sorghumor corn into the treated area. If the indicator plants germinate and grow normally to a height of 12 inches with normalroot development, it is safe to plant.

In areas disturbed by new plantings or replanting of labeled species, it may be necessary to retreat exposed soil to maintain satisfactory weed control, but do not apply more than 87 fl. oz./acre per year.

When Used Alone
Mix Gemini 3.7 SC thoroughly in the spray tank to ensure uniform application. Steps to follow when mixing Gemini 3.7 SC include:

  1. Filling the spray tank 1/4 full with clean water only;
  2. Starting the agitation system and checking to ensure it is working properly;
  3. Maintaining vigorous agitation in the spray tank before and during the application to ensure a well-mixed spray suspension;
  4. Adding a spray colorant with Gemini 3.7 SC to mark treated areas and improve application accuracy by minimizing swath skips and overlaps; and
  5. After use, thoroughly clean the sprayer by flushing the system with water containing a detergent.

When Used in Tank Mixtures
Gemini 3.7 SC can be applied in tank-mixtures with certain other EPA-registered herbicides to provide a broader spectrum of weed control and/or to control emerged weeds. Refer to the specific directions for use for tank-mix partners, and refer to the label(s) of the individual tank-mix partner(s) for use rate, application timing, weeds controlled, and specific precautions and/or restrictions. Tank mixes are permitted only in States where the tank-mix partner(s) are registered for the application site and the ornamental species listed. When using Gemini 3.7 SC in a tank mixture with other pesticides, follow restrictions and precautions on the labels of the products used.

When mixing Gemini 3.7 SC with other components (carrier and partner pesticide products), allow products to completely dissolve between steps and be sure to maintain agitation throughout mixing and application. When products are to be tank-mixed with Gemini 3.7 SC, add them to the spray tank in the following order:

  1. Products packaged in water-soluble bags. Agitate the tank mixture. Allow the water-soluble bags to completely dissolve and the products to disperse before adding any other tank-mix partners.
  2. Water-dispersible granules (WDG or WG formulations) and wettable powders (WP formulations). Add wettable powders to the tank as agitation continues. Allow the product to disperse completely beforeother products are added.
  3. Spray adjuvants and spray markers. Read the adjuvants label first and use only those adjuvants approved for application to ornamentals.
  4. Gemini 3.7 SC, other flowable liquids (FL) or suspension concentrates (SC) must be added next.
  5. Add emulsifiable concentrates (EC) last.


1 fl oz/1000 sq ft or 43.5 fl oz/acre

2 fl oz/1000 sq ft or 87 fl oz/acre

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