Gilbert 601T The Don Light Trap


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Gilbert 601T The Don Light Trap
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Gilbert Fly Light Trap - The Don (601T) is a highly-effective electrocuter that will provide a great solution to your fly control problems. It features two 40-watt Sylvania F40/350BL/ECO insect attractant lamps which catches flies’ attention. This lures them to come closer and then instantly kills them. It has a corner mount design that allows a greater angle of attraction. It is constructed of aluminized steel with a beautiful anodized aluminum finish. It has a nickel-chrome plated guard door which can be opened so you can access the grid, catch tray, reflective surfaces and lamps easily for maintenance. Its catch tray is guaranteed secured but can be taken out with ease if you wish to empty it. It also highlights an interlock switch that shuts off trap automatically every time the guard door is unlocked.

This fly trap can be setup vertically flat or corner-mounted and it has keyholes on the back for easy installation.

This fly light does Not Use Glueboards.


  • The Don features versatile corner or vertical flat wall-mounting and a wide angle of attraction. Mount low, top of trap below 5 feet.
  • Two Sylvania F40/350BL/ECO (40 watt) Insect attractant lamps.
  • Nickel-chrome plated guard door swings open for easy access to grid, reflective surfaces, and lamps for periodic cleaning and lamp replacement.
  • Catch tray is secure; yet, easily removed for emptying.
  • Frame and interior structure made of aluminized steel (lifetime auto muffler material). Keyholes on back for corner or wall-mount installation.
  • Six foot, 3-wire grounded power cord. Standard 115v/60hz. Current draw: .84 amp., 93 watts (RMS Meter).
  • Interlock switch automatically shuts off trap when guard door is opened.

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06/10/2015 Don from Wildwood, New Jersey

QIs the Gilbert 601T The Don Light Trap intended for exterior use?

AThe Gilbert 601T is designed mostly for interior uses or in exterior areas where the trap is covered from the weather and not in direct competetion with other main light sources.

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02/22/2017 Doug from Medina, Ohio

QWill the GIlbert 601T The Don Light Trap work in a dusty environment?
I own a chicken barn and sometimes there is dust in the air but the fans clear it quickly. The unit will be used indoors.


You could use the Gilbert 601T The Done Light Trap. You may just need to replace the glue boards more often if there is a lot of dust in the air.

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04/20/2015 Jim from Utica New York


AWe do have the replacement bulbs for the Gilbert 601T The Don Fly Light. They are the Sylvania F40/350BL/ECO. Please give us a call to order these. Our phone number is 866-581-7378.

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